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The region encompassing England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland while the Triwizard Tournament is under way at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.
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 #34349  by Dino O'Sullivan
 10 Jan 2020, 20:39
Location: The Forbidden Forest • Date: The first Saturday of school
Time of Day: Afternoon • Weather: Grey with a blanket of snow

Dino had thought about the unicorns during his winter break. Not like, every second of every day, but enough that they were still quite present in his mind. Feckin' ponies. They were wrong. Everyone had laughed in the class when he'd been the only lad the unicorns hadn't shied away from. Dino hadn't liked it. He'd been isulted to be singled out like that. What did these naff horses think they knew about him, anyway?

Right now, Dino was off to prove them wrong. Could you reason with unicorns? Who knew? Maybe give them a good scare, show them he was nothing cute, no one to be messed with, show them he was like all the other lads.

'I wish I'd worn boots today,' he said, turning his head around. That second of distraction was all it took for his foot to catch a root, and he tripped and fell.
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 #34520  by Hermione Granger
 12 Jan 2020, 15:50
"May I ask what on earth are you doing?"

Hermione Granger stood over Dino's splayed form, a jar of crackling bluebell flames clutched in one hand and a heavy Transfiguration textbook in the other. She was staring down at Dino with an expression somewhere between disapproval and bemusement on her face. She rolled her eyes.

"Never mind. Here, come on up," she said, placing her things down on a nearby rock to protect from the snow-covered ground, and offering her classmate a hand. "Why aren't you wearing boots?"
 #34524  by Dino O'Sullivan
 12 Jan 2020, 16:14
'Aye, sure, ya may ask,' Dino replied, splayed on the ground and looking none too smart in his current position. He accepted his classmate's hand up, though she was much smaller than he was. 'Thanks Hermione.' He grinned at her as he brushed the snow from himself.

'Have ya seen my new guddies?' The Gryffindor asked in mock shock, holding his feet out for the younger girl to see his trainers. 'They're cracker. Why would I want to wear anythin' else?' He looked at the Prefect as though she'd fallen on her head. 'And I was just goin' for a dander, stretch the old legs... Nothin' suspicious.' The words themselves might be suspicious on their own, but that was nothing compared to the tone, Dino's face, and of course the fact that it was Dino saying them.
 #34530  by Hermione Granger
 12 Jan 2020, 17:54
"Pleasure," said Hermione, raising an eyebrow. She looked down at Dino's soaked-through canvas trainers. "Just look a bit cold. And wet."

Hermione bent down to pick up her books and her jar, clutching each tight to her chest. As Dino chatted on, Hermione felt her Prefect senses go off one by one. She raised an eyebrow.

"Just a freezing walk in the very restricted Forbidden Forest doing... nothing suspicious," Hermione said, utterly suspiciously.
 #34532  by Dino O'Sullivan
 12 Jan 2020, 18:36
Dino shrugged, attempting to give Hermione an innocent smile. By all accounts it was a failure. Dino had never been innocent in his entire life when it came to creeping around alone. Let alone in the Forbidden Forest.

That they are!' Dino replied, as though it were something to be proud of. 'D'ya have a spell for that in yer smart brain?' That would be nice. Wasn't that how people got sick? No one had ever died from the cold, obviously, but why risk being the first? Orla would know a spell, of course. Dino was the smarter twin, because he knew to hang around people who knew spells. And that was especially clever.

'Nothin' suspicious at all! Honestly, Hermione, ya should listen to yerself. Must be tirin', thinkin' the whole world is up to somethin' when they're just wantin' to...' Dino hadn't really thought his sentence to the end. 'Skip about?'
 #34638  by Hermione Granger
 13 Jan 2020, 18:35
Hermione pursed her lips and drew her wand. She gave it a finnicky little wave so that hot air streamed out of the tip; she then pointed this at Dino's trainers, which began to steam as they dried out.

"You could try an Impervius to protect them on your skip back up to the castle," she said dryly. "Really, Dino, you should hear yourself. You know that the Forbidden Forest is out of bounds. Surely after seven opening feasts Professor Dumbledore has managed to impress that upon you."

Although now that she considered this was Dino they were talking about, Hermione was not entirely sure.
 #34644  by Dino O'Sullivan
 13 Jan 2020, 20:04
Dino shook his feet as Hermione dried them out. 'Fresh guddies!' He exclaimed happily. The happiness was short lived as the Prefect began to tell him off. Bah, sounded like Orla, telling him his newest idea was ridiculous. Spoilsport. As it turned out, though, Hermione wasn't his twin sister. She was only the Gryffindor Prefect. That didn't mean anything, he didn't have to listen to her. Orla, on the other hand... He didn't really listen to her, either, but she could make much scarier eyes than anyone else.

'Skip back? What do you mean? Listen to yerself, Hermione! Ya make it sound as though I want to go back to the castle. Of course I know the Forest is out of bounds. I know what I'm doin'.' He sounded so self-assured. 'But yer here too, which means yer failin' to listen to Dumbledore as well, and frankly I'm shocked. I expected more from ya.' Dino shook his head. 'I won't tell anyone ya toed the line if ya come with me, I promise.'
 #34762  by Hermione Granger
 15 Jan 2020, 10:25
Hermione's cheeks flushed immediately as Dino implied she was about to be breaking the rules just like he was.

"I needed bowtruckles!" she said shrilly, incapable of making this sound like not an awkward thing to say. "How am I supposed to learn my animal Transfigurations in time for our first-quarter exams if I haven't got anything to practice on? I know it's the first day of the semester, but Professor McGonagall says that if we don't start early --"

Hermione forced herself to clamp her mouth shut, or she'd stress herself into hysterics. She pursed her lips and drew a large breath. Her cheeks still burned.

"I just wanted to find a few and turn them into walking sticks and back. I was only going to go into the outskirts. So it's not really breaking the rules, not if it's for schoolwork...?"

Hermione tittered nervously on the ends of her toes, very aware of how guilty she sounded.
 #35134  by Dino O'Sullivan
 20 Jan 2020, 14:35
Dino's grin only widened. He'd not really been egging her on, had he? It was just a gentle ribbing. But if she was intent on taking it so personally, then it was absolutely hilarious. And of course he would use it to make sure he didn't get in trouble too much. Rarely did opportunities present themselves so perfectly into his hands.

'Ach, sure, Hermione, but I don't think that's really kind to the Bowtruckles to do. I thought ya cared about elfish welfare! That's why I gave a Knut to S.P.E.W. like a million years ago. Cos I thought ya cared. But now yer bein' insensitive to Bowtruckle issues.' He was milking it for all it was worth, laying it on thick. He'd just given her some change so she'd leave him alone. Dino didn't feel it was up to wizards to decide what House elves needed or wanted. That should be left up to them.

'But like I said, if ya come with me, I won't tell anyone.' Creature welfare was important to Dino. As was his own welfare. Which was why he was going to go into the forest to intimidate some unicorns. As one does.