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 #33275  by Harmony Hale
Location: Hogwarts Library, at the back • Date: November 10th, 1996

Life at Hogwarts was still a confusing blur to Harmony most of the time. She still didn't know which staircase switched to which corridor, and she still wasn't organising herself particularly well, but she was managing to get by in classes. She mostly handed in her homework on time. Harmony was beginning to discover that magic could also be really fun, and she was proud of the fact that she was learning to control her own magic.

This afternoon, it was raining outside, and she did have a lot of homework to do, so she came to the library. But she seemed to have found a very hidden, private area at the back, far away from Madame Pince and behind a few bookshelves. So Harmony was laying on her stomach on top of a large wooden table with her wand out, pointing at a stack of books.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" Harmony whispered, pointing her wand at one of the books from a large stack, and she watched it slowly elevate. She grinned, pleased that she had finally learnt that spell.
 #33364  by Arthur Villiers
Peace would be short-lived for Harmony, who was in the very back and therefore in the pre-claimed spot of local Slytherin and recluse - Arthur. A quiet but exceptionally sharp boy. He rarely raised his hand in class, and often stared off into space. Yet when called upon to be made an example of, he always knew the answer somehow. It was infuriating for some professors, but a point of relaxation for others. At least the daydreaming student had read the majority of the material over and over again enough that he knew it... Although he did come off as an insufferable know-it-all as a result. Some thought he might have been better off in Ravenclaw, but his demeanor gave away enough to show that he was more than a worthy Slytherin.

He watched Harmony from around the corner, that had been the spell of the year. Although, he had heard from his siblings that this was one of the first they would learn.

"Hi." He murmured, slowly coming into view. "You're in my spot." It wasn't a demanding or possessive tone, but a kind of muffled and annoyed one as if he were too shy to speak his own truth.
 #33388  by Harmony Hale
Harmony had not been expecting another person to find her new, secret spot in the library. She almost dropped her wand out of her hand, but managed to hang onto it, but the book she had been lifting up fell on to the floor with a crash.

"You scared me!" Harmony said, recognising the boy from quite a few of her classes.

"But hi. How is this your spot?" She asked.
 #33413  by Arthur Villiers
Arthur jumped a little when the book crashed to the ground, making a rather loud clatter in the almost silent library. He was hoping that this would not attract the old librarian that looked more like a bird than a woman. On top of being old and just plain ol' ugly... Girls had to be so difficult though, didn't they? A little bit like his sisters.

"Sorry... No need to shout about it." Although Harmony had barely shouted, it felt as if she did with how quiet it was and how her voice carried itself.

"I've been here before, or... This is where I usually read and study." Although by now Arthur was processing that the girl was strangely splayed out on the top of the table instead of neatly tucked into it. "Not quite like this.." He motioned vaguely towards her arrangement.
 #33425  by Harmony Hale
"Oh, sorry," Harmony whispered at the comment of her shouting, and she quickly looked around to make sure she had not attracted the attention of Madam Pince, who she was definitely scared of. Now she thought about it, there were very few Professors at Hogwarts that Harmony wasn't a little bit scared of.

"Uhm, if you want, I could move my stuff over to this side of the table, and you could have that half," Harmony gestured, "and I'll have this half?"

That was the fairest way.
 #33441  by Arthur Villiers
Arthur didn't like the idea of sharing, it seemed inefficient in some ways. One could have just the whole of something, instead of half of it. The full quality. Sharing required cutting things in pieces so everyone was only half, or a quarter happy. Still, he had siblings so he knew well enough what it was like to share, slowly he would sit himself down on the half she gestured.

"Fine." It seemed the best resolve without having a fight break out, and then both houses would end up with their points deducted and Arthur didn't want to be the cause for Slytherin losing any amount of points.

"Since we will be sharing a table, best introduce ourselves..." He had of course been there for the sorting ceremony, and all of the classes so he knew the girls name, it wasn't so much that. It was more of the social aspect of it, it was the polite thing to do.

"I'm Arthur..." He chose not to offer his last name, mostly because he didn't think it mattered in this situation.
 #33442  by Harmony Hale
"Okay," Harmony said, and she started moving some of her books and papers over to one side. First year magic was nowhere near complex enough to require the amount of books she had gathered at the table, but some of them she had just ended up picking up because she liked the look of them.

"I'm Harmony," she smiled at the boy. She also decided to leave out her last name, for reasons that she was not willing to share just yet. Not that first year students typically read old newspapers, but just to be on the safe side.

"Can you levitate books?"
 #33444  by Arthur Villiers
Arthur had noted the sheer amount of books the girl had, and she was starting to give him Ravenclaw vibes. Then again, it was not that he was not quite interested in reading it was more of the fact that he did not hoard books in this manner. Perhaps that was the Hufflepuff trait? Hoarding books? He didn't really know much about the houses other than the stereotypes assigned to them, which to his standard meant that he was quite evil and on a bad path in life... And he wasn't the only one in his family. If that held any truth, of course.... Being Slytherin meant that you were evil.

"I can. I can levitate most anything.. Although very large objects are still quite difficult to lift off the ground."
 #33445  by Harmony Hale
"Yeah," Harmony nodded, "I couldn't lift chairs, or tables, or anything like that."

She cast the spell again, this time levitating her copy of 'A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration' and moved it all the way over to the other side of the table where Arthur was sitting.

"There you go, all ready to do your homework."
 #33448  by Arthur Villiers
Truly the boy wondered to an extent if there was a limit on what one could realistically levitate. An eleven year old could not hope to solo lift a table. Perhaps a chair, but certainly not a table. Yet he still heard claims that Harry Potter... Or maybe one of his friends had levitated something rather large in his first year. This irked Arthur some, as Harry Potter's presence in general was just an omen for trouble.

"Seems like a waste, no? Couldn't you just take the book with your hands, it would travel a lot faster?"

Magic was some kind of cruel lesson in patience, everything was a little slower but more convenient in the end. But he didn't like the slowness of it... Although he reckoned it was just these first year spells because he had seen his family cast spells and things happen quite quickly.
 #33449  by Harmony Hale
"Probably," Harmony had to admit that just picking something up and carrying it would be a lot faster, "but it's a lot cooler this way."

"I still think it's a lot of fun having my own wand now, don't you? I used to try and find my sister's wand in the holidays but she always kept it hidden," Harmony said. This was probably for the best, as a small child let loose with her older sister's wand would have been a recipe for disaster.
 #33452  by Arthur Villiers
Perhaps cooler might have been a factor for a more easily entertained youth, in fact it might have just been an easier factor to convince someone of in general at a young age. Cooler was better than practical. But, Arthur was nothing if he wasn't practical and a bit of a recluse.

"Well, yes." Every magical child looked forward to having their own wand, and Arthur in this instance was no exception. He would have had to have been crazy to not have wanted a wand his entire life. Although he didn't quite make the habit that Harmony did of trying to steal his siblings wands. Apparently proper young men didn't do that, and Arthur didn't care enough to question it.

"Probably for the best." He murmured.
 #33537  by Harmony Hale
"Hey," Harmony said, pretending to be offended, though she was still smiling. As he was absolutely not wrong, she probably could have caused a lot of damage to her family's house if she had gotten her hands on her sisters wand.

"My magical talents have come a long way in these past two months, thank you very much," Harmony said, her slightly sassy side coming out now.
 #33564  by Tamsin Villiers
"...harder than a 300-year-old goblin's knobby knuckles," a voice that was easily recognisable by at least one of the two younglings drifted nearer, "it was one of those experien—"

The fairer of the two older girls stopped short as they passed between the bookshelves. Her long hair, even in its slightly dishevelled linear plait, was noticeably blonde in the exact ashy shade as the young boy's, and aside of her eyes being a clearer quality of blue, her features were unmistakably identical to Arthur's.

"Oh, hey you there."

One corner of her lips ticked upward in a smile that bordered on a lenient smirk. The seventh year's gaze travelled briefly between the young pair before she then glanced briefly around at their surroundings.

"Can't say the library is the most conducive environment to friendship-making, but I hope it's coming along well?"
 #33628  by Arthur Villiers
The voice was not unexpected, or perhaps it should have been expected. After all, he and his sister not only shared a house, but also a literal family home, and a last name. Among other things. It made him flinch a little bit, it was not that he did not like his siblings, but he had always been a little distant from them... Well at least in comparison to the rest of the family that seemed rather tight knit. He was always reading, whether in public or in private... Or at parties. He just had so little in common with them all.

"Erm... Harmony, this is my sister - Tamsin." He sighed, his shoulders drooping a little forward.

"She has a talent for annoying me, and reading out loud in the library." He chided his older sister.. Who even read like that? It was a curious choice to be entirely sure.