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'Ach, shut your gub, Ig,' Dino replied in what he figured was a placating, reassuring tone. It probably wasn't. 'Ya wouldn't let me get caught. What would the Professors think, with our name forever sullied...' His tone was now dramatic, and he pressed the back of his hand to his forehead. Surely that was very convincing?
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"You've already sullied the name enough," Orla said, though she did say it lightheartedly. One very positive thing about the twins not being in the same house, is that Dino's shenanigans did not affect her own house's standings in the House Cup - if anything, it worked out well for Slytherin if Gryffindor kept losing points.

"How many points have you lost your house already this term?" Orla asked.
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The mock shock on Dino's face couldn't hide his absolutely gleeful grin. 'Ach, I've made ya notorious, is what I've done. Yer probably battin' them off with a stick, all the people who want yer autograph. And the lads, too,' he said, wiggling his eyebrows. No one was asking him for anything, least of all his autograph. And not a nice lad in sight, but oh well.

'I don't keep track,' he replied, suddenly growing a bit red. Fortunately the darkness hid that well enough. He did keep track. It was more a point of pride for him, though. Sort of. It depended who he was talking to. With Cris, sure. With his parents? He was a bit ashamed. Orla made him toe that line. 'Ach, it's less than that bleedin' Potter, that's for sure.'
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"Well, that definitely is not happening," Orla said, with a small chuckle under her breath. She was definitely not batting away any lads, but she was aware that her general demeanour was also not the most receptive to potential love interests. Her standards were very high, too.

"You have a point there, for a famous wizard, Potter does appear to be a drain on your house," Orla said.
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'I wish all the girls were after me,' Dino replied, in a tone that slightly lacked conviction. 'But I have Velvet, ya know, so I'm a good lad.'

Steps rang out in the distance. Someone was in a nearby corridor. 'Aye, Potter's the worst,' he confirmed jokingly, his voice now a hushed whisper. 'Now shut yer bake, and let's do a runner! Someone's comin'!'

He tightened his grasp on his sister's wrist and dragged her, running, towards the door.
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"That's good," Orla said. Even though she had never been sure about Velvet, or any of their group of friends over in Gryffindor really, she did want him to be happy and always wanted the best for him.

Orla's heart almost felt like it skipped a beat when he said someone was coming, as all she needed was to get caught and have her perfect school record tarnished only a few months before graduation. Luckily, Orla was a fair runner when she had to, and she began to sprint down the corridor alongside Dino.
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The pair ran away from the echoing footsteps until they were at the doors.

He pulled at the giant brass hoops on the door, but of course they wouldn't budge. Typical. 'Ig, Ig, Ig, what's that spell again, for unlockin' doors?'
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She actually could not believe that Dino was a N.E.W.T student and had forgotten the spell Alohomora, but there was no time right now to let the shock affect her, and she immediately had her hand on her wand and cast it non-verbally, as to not make any noise.

"Go!" Orla hissed, pushing open the big door so that they could get out.
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'Grand, grand, grand,' Dino replied, formulating a plan. He pushed Orla out of the door, and started to close the door again. 'Go to the foot of the Astronomy tower. Mole guy is supposed to be there waitin'. I'm goin' to the top of the tower. I'll shoot blue sparks when I'm ready to jump, and you also shoot sparks so I know you're down there, alright?'

Dino didn't really leave his twin sister much of a choice in the matter. Already the door was closing on her and Dino was running in the opposite direction, to the Astronomy tower.
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Orla had only just formulated a cutting comment about his lack of spell knowledge in her mind, when he was already pushing her out the door and running off. It would have to wait until later, along with the rest of her opinions about this whole situation.

"Fine," Orla snapped, and speedwalked over to the bottom of the Astronomy tower. She nodded politely to Mole Guy, and looked up, her wand at the ready.
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Dino made his way up the tower in record time, considering he'd only just narrowly managed to avoid Peeves, who was trying to figure out a way to shove Mrs Norris in a suit of armour. She was meowing profusely, and it was sure to attract Filch in a very short time. Perfect. Everyone was going to be too distracted to pay him any mind.

He arrived at the top, and made his way to the edge of the tower. He swung a leg over the railing and sat on it, straddling it. Dino took a deep breath, grinned in the dark, and shot blue sparks from his wand.
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Orla had started squinting as she looked up, very quickly realising that it was dark and she could see nothing. Though she did spot the blue sparks. As if Dino was actually going to go through with this plan.

Though as the more intelligent twin, she was able to think on her feet a little bit.

She shot blue sparks back, and then said "Lumos Maxima!"

Now at least the area was lit up, so she would at least be able to see him coming. Hopefully Dino would see sense and hurry up, because the whole area at the bottom of the Astronomy tower being lit up would surely arouse suspicion if anyone noticed.
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Of course Dino wasn't going to take his time. He wasn't ascared of anything! And jumping from heights? This wasn't his first rodeo. Speaking of which, that would totally be a cracker thing to do. He'd never so much as touched a horse, but hey, he was pretty sure he could do anything.

Once he saw the sparks from down below, he swung his other leg across the railing, and held on, his hands behind his back. Orla's light spell was such a clever idea. He should have thought of it! He was the cleverest twin, after all.

Without further ado, Dino flung himself from the tower top. 'Wooooooooooooohooooooooo!' He screamed.
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Brilliant. Now as well as the light, they had Dino's scream attracting attention. Orla wouldn't be surprised if in a few seconds, all of the Professors, including Dumbledore came rushing out here.

At least if she hadn't had the light, the scream would have given her a clear indication of where he was. With her wand held out, concentrating fully, as she genuinely did have Dino's life in her hands right now, she pointed her wand at his descending body.

"Arresto Momentum!"