A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #33138  by Dino O'Sullivan
Location: Dungeons • Date: September 1996
Time of Day: Past curfew • Weather: Night-timey

Seventh year had barely started, and already Dino O'Sullivan was up to no good. He'd found his friends, and in that exact second, he'd gone back to his troublemaker ways. What? It was all just a bit of fun! And they'd updated their list of dares, too, so he had a lot to accomplish. This was the first month of school, but he had ideas that could go on for years!

Tonight was no exception. He had something to prove, and he knew exactly who should be his witness.

For lack of a better means of contacting her, Dino was knocking on the dungeon wall that served as entrance to the Slytherin common room.

'Ig! Ig! Orla!' Dino whispered. Fat chance of his voice carrying through stone walls...
 #33141  by Iguana O'Sullivan
The Slytherin common room was empty, apart from a select few Sixth and Seventh years, finishing off their homework and studying. In Orla's opinion, it was this time of night that really revealed who truly cared about their N.E.W.T results. She had never heard of anyone who got 'Outstanding' for all their subjects who went to bed by ten o' clock every night.

Though something was bugging her. She could hear something on the other side of the wall. Or she thought she could, anyway. It was probably nothing. She wrote another sentence, but still had the feeling that there was someone out there.

Orla dropped her Transfiguration notes and walked towards the common room exit, and opened the concealed door. There she was, standing face to face with her brother.

"What are you doing here?" Orla hissed at him, hoping that she hadn't distracted any of the other students to notice.
 #33143  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino beamed at his twin.

'Anyone ever tell ya ya were the prettiest flower of all Slytherin?' His grin was as toothy as it was wide. 'Long time, no see?'
 #33195  by Iguana O'Sullivan
Orla rolled her eyes at her brother, which had been standard practice for her since a very young age.

"Yeah, long time no see, but it's midnight?" Orla questioned, though she already knew it was pointless even questioning. "What exactly is your problem?"
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Dino shrugged. Bah, who cared if it was midnight? That just made secrecy easier, didn't it? No one to come sneaking around and rat him out if they were all sleeping, right?

'Problem? Why do ya always assume I have a problem when I come to see ya?' He tsked. 'Yer my beloved sister, can't a guy just be happy to see his sis?'

Dino beamed at her. Flattery didn't tend to work directly on Orla, but she tended to grow tired of his incessant chatter and give in to whatever he said, so maybe there was a chance for tonight.

'Ach, I only wanted ya to bear witness to a really great idea I have!'
 #33261  by Iguana O'Sullivan
"Happy to see me, sure, that's natural, but you're definitely up to something weird," Iguana half-joked, her tone still sounding serious, but Dino could make even the most uptight person lighten up sometimes.

"What is the idea now?" Orla raised her eyebrows.
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Dino pursed his lips and tsked. Why was she assuming he was up to something weird? She was right to be, of course, but come on, give a guy the benefit of the doubt, no?

'Ach, so, ya know that Ravenclaw guy with the mole on his cheek? He reckons I wouldn't dare jump off the Astronomy tower!'

Dino looked at his twin, entirely bewildered that someone would ever question his daring nature.
 #33306  by Iguana O'Sullivan
"Mole guy, yes," Orla nodded, extremely suspicious of where this was now going. And it went to an even crazier place than she had been initially thinking.

"No way are you actually going to try that! You'll kill yourself!" Orla snapped, though still trying to keep her voice down, as she definitely didn't want any of the other Slytherins who were still awake hearing any of this.
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'Calm down, calm yerself down,' Dino replied, using his hands as though to fan off his sister's outrage.

'I've thought this through, do ya really take me for a buck eejit? I'm not goin' to kill myself, I'll jump, and ya'll be down to catch me with a levitation charm. See?' He beamed at her, clearly proud of his plan.
 #33318  by Iguana O'Sullivan
"So that's why you need me," Orla rolled her eyes again.

"You want me to interrupt my studying, to go save your life, from something that is entirely unnecessary for you to even do in the first place."

It was obviously a matter of pride between Dino and Mole Guy. Orla had never really fully understood this side of her brother.
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'Exactly! Ya understand!' Dino stopped himself from shaking his sister by the shoulders excitedly. She didn't usually have half as much enthusiasm as he did. Orla was so serious all the time... Her grades were infinitely better than his, too, but who cared about stuff like that?

'It's not entirely unnecessary, Ig. He dared me!'
 #33391  by Iguana O'Sullivan
"Who cares about that!" Orla, in return, wanted to shake some sense into her brother.

"Though if you are going to insist on doing it, I'd rather I cast the spell than having one of your equally as mad, ridiculous friends cast it and do it wrong."
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'Oi, my friends are all sound,' Dino protested, though any offense he might have felt on their behalf was outshone a million times by the giddinness of getting to do the new thing he'd set his heart on.

He clapped his hands together. 'Awesome! Grab your cloak, come on! Mole guy is waiting down the Astronomy tower. He decided he was the only credible witness there was, so...'

His plan was genius.
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"Fine," Orla said, turning around to head back inside and grab her cloak, and possibly hat and scarf as well, since Scotland was hardly warm at midnight this time of year. Or ever. "Merlin's beard," she muttered to herself as she walked off.

She returned fairly quickly, as there was no point wasting time at this stage. Dino needed to just get this out of his system.

"Let's get this over with then."
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Dino grabbed his sister by the wrist, and started to drag her along the stairs, then the corridors.

'Ya'll see, it'll be good craic!'