A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #32658  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim wasn't a bad student. Yes, this whole magical world was still quite new to him and everything was strange but when it came to studying he was dedicated and willing to spend a lot of time with books. But he had a few week points and one of them was the care for magical creatures. And to be perfectly honest Hagrid wasn't the best teacher. His heart was in the right place and he knew a lot about the subject but he just wasn't the best at passing on the information.
And so Tim was looking for someone who might help him with it a little. Fortunately, some other students told him about an elder student that could help him. At this time he was told to look for him in the library...
 #32660  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino wasn't a great student. He passed his classes, but he was usually at best desperately average. He did, however, excel in two classes. Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures just seemed to be more his thing. They were more hands-on, and made him actually come into contact with things that actually interested him, for a change. The silly theories about all the wand waving, meh, not so much for him. But Hagrid and Sprout's classes? He was amazing at them, good enough to offer his services for tutoring.

Speaking of which, he was currently in the library, a place where he could only seldom be found, sat at a table in the back. Dino had wanted to do things properly, and had gotten out a few books to study for a tick. But since there was nothing quite like hands-on experience, he had other plans for later...
 #32709  by Timothy Maxwell
There were some students in the library and Tim really wasn't sure which one was the one he was searching for. The only description he got was "7th year, Gryffindor, guy" or something around these lines. Well, fortunately, it was quite enough to find him as there were only a few students old enough and the Gryffindor clue made it even easier. But now was the hard part... he had to talk to him. And Tim was terrible at that. Especially with the elder students.
"Uh... hello?" he finally decided to go with. It wasn't the greatest start but it was certainly something.
 #32710  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Bout ye,' Dino greeted, raising his head from a book about merfolk, a welcoming grin on his face. 'Yer the wee Hufflepuff who can't tell a unicorn from a centaur, aren't ya? What about ye? Sit down. I'm Dino', he said, reaching out his right hand towards the boy for a handshake. 'And who are ya?'
 #32723  by Timothy Maxwell
Why did everyone call him "wee Hufflepuff"? Yes, he was small and yes, he was from Hufflepuff but... it just sounded weird and he couldn't get used to it no matter what.
"Well... not quite so bad but close enough, yes..." plus it wasn't like Hagrid would ever show them unicorns... not enough spikes, claws, and venom.
"Uh... I am Tim, Tim Maxwell... " he introduced himself a bit nervously while shaking the elder boy's hand.
 #32751  by Timothy Maxwell
"Y...yeah, thanks. You too," he said nervously as he sat down on the chair.
"Uh... well, the thing is... I am going there with the 3rd years... for some reason. He wanted me there for... some reason as 2nd years normally don't have it yet. So we were talking about... uh... the flying horses with bird heads and... uh... like some sort of weird worms? The names sound made up," he explained as best he could (which was still quite bad)
 #32752  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Ach, I see,' Dino nodded along. He didn't quite understand why Timothy was grouped with older students, but then again, Hagrid was known to do things one couldn't quite explain. Hagrid was lovely, but man, things were different, more structured with Professors Grubbly-Plank and Kettleburn. And no one was wondering if anyone was going to end up maimed in their classes...

'Ach, that sounds a lot like Hippogriffs. Lower half like a horse, upper half like an eagle? Yeah, they're really cracker. Very proud, though, so yer gonna want to show some respect and not insult them. Three years ago, a third year insulted one of them, ended up being attacked. Ya've got nothing to fear if yer respectful, though.' Dino scratched his head and rolled his eyes. How was Hagrid still doing Flobberworms with the younger years? Way to turn off anyone from the class.

'Ach, yeah, I reckon you've gotten into a run in with Flobberworms. Most boring creatures there ever was. I'm kind of surprised Hagrid's still teaching them. Pretty much all you'll be doing with them is force-feeding them different things, see what sticks. Honestly they like just about anything.'
 #32872  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim could easily understand how a student could be injured by this Hippogriff creature. Then again if someone was stupid enough to insult a creature like this they probably deserved it... in a way.
"Yeah, you don't have to worry about me not respecting a giant horse with a giant beak and claws any everything..." he quickly assured the elder student. And from what he saw everything saw it exactly like that.
The other creature was much less pleasant and like the other student said - boring.
"I suppose they are quite boring but they are at least much safer," not ideal but it was probably just a matter of time before they will feed dragons or something worse.
 #32877  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino nodded along, grinning. 'Excellent, common sense! Seems it escapes a lot of people. Stay smart, don't be wick, and everything should go well.' Unless Hagrid decided to make them chase demiguises around. Dino thought Hagrid was a cracker teacher, but the way he handled magical beasts around wains, someone was going to end up dead one day. Hagrid was good with them, sure, but children tended to be stupid, and Draco Malfoy was just a prime example. Little brat. Poor Buckbeak had almost died because of him.

Dino snorted when Timothy spoke about Flobberworms. 'Safer? Ya've got the wrong bloke if yer goin' to be wantin' to stay on the safe side. But ya know, learnin' about them makes them less of a big deal. Ya shouldn't be ascared of them.'
 #32991  by Timothy Maxwell
"Don't take this the wrong way but common sense and wizards don't mix much from what I've seen so far," there were enough examples for him to not even bother with any. The best one was the innocently looking piece of wood every kid got that he could use to break into any house by now.
"Oh, don't worry about that. Since I started this school I don't feel quite safe in general... it's just more obvious when staring down a giant horse-thing. I can live with being bitten by a worm," he tried to explain. The "safe" feeling was diminished by a lot by teleporting people, ghosts, dragons and yes, by students with murder sticks...
 #32993  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino had to chuckle at that. 'And not a word of a lie,' he nodded. He didn't disagree. If you stopped to think about it really hard, magic was completely insane. Who in their right mind would want to deal with all this potential danger, for the pleasure of twirling around a wand? Well, Dino, for one, but he did acknowledge he especially enjoyed taking risks. Other people, though... They must have their head cut.

'Ach, mucker, what's the craic in bein' safe all the time? Life would be borin' if there wasn't ever a bit of fear, but fear's somethin' we can live with. Makes us smarter in our decisions, ya know.' Wise words for someone who did not make smart decisions...
 #32998  by Timothy Maxwell
"I am not saying I would like to be safe all the time... " though perhaps he would.
"But this is the other extreme. A few days ago the staircase almost crushed my leg. The other day I nearly choke when some elder students blasted some sparkles in the common room without any warning. Not to mention a living ghost coming out of the wall when I am going to a lesson. Well... not living living... but you know." not the greatest expression but meh, whatever...
 #33010  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Ach, so it is. It takes a lot of gettin' used to,' Dino agreed. 'Magic really is somethin' else, isn't it?' He tugged at his lower lip pensively. 'Right, were ya just tryin' to make me lose my train of thought so we could spake about somethin' other than monsters?'

Dino grinned lopsidedly. 'Ya will get used to it, though, I promise. Give it another year, and none of this will make ya raise so much as an eyebrow.'
 #33012  by Timothy Maxwell
"It certainly didn't help that my first year was with Umbridge. Even now I get goosebumps when seeing pink..." it was an... interesting school year to be certain.
"Not really... just a lucky coincidence. Unfortunately, I really need some help with that since... well let's just say I doubt the old Darwin was a wizard. Since evolution really doesn't stand on the side of these... horseagles," if he would venture a guess he would say it was the end result of some magical experiment going horribly wrong.
"Yeah, I am sure this school year will go just swimmingly with absolutely nothing horrible happening," he didn't even try to mask the heavy irony in his tone.