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Velvet snorted.

"Wow, nothin' is gonna stop yer, is it? We're definitely gonna 'ave t' get you to a bar at some point. Isn't there a uhm..." She glanced around too, then leaned in to whisper. "A gay bar in London? I mean, we could wait until we're eighteen, but I'm sure I could get us some IDs to sneak in a bit earlier, right? Only a year off, no big deal, yeah? Maybe there's be some girls there too...maybe...I dunno..."

To say she was often so brash and confident, the idea of actually being with a girl was a little intimidating. What if she did it all wrong and was laughed at? What if girls just didn't find her attractive?
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Dino looked at Velvet in disbelief. 'It's London yer talkin' about, not Derry. Of course there's- he lowered his voice- gay bars. Like literal thousands of them.' The Gryffindor nodded, utterly convinced. 'And too right, I'm never goin' to let anythin' stop me, as well ya should. And we're adults technically, do I have to remind ya? It's not because the Muggles are too naff to understand that we're not legally adults, right? Ach, I turned seventeen in July. What good is that for if I don't even get to go out?'

He lightly punched his girlfriend on the shoulder. 'Ach, woman, get a grip. Yer no minger. Ya got a clinker bake and beezer tits, I can't see no reason ya'd ever have any issue with the ladies. Plus yer snog prowess is stickin' out, I assume because ya had such a cracker teacher,' Dino beamed, running his fingernails over his shoulder. 'I love ya and all, but I have to tell ya, I really can't wait for the time where yer not my girlfriend anymore.' Then Velvet could teach other girls Dino's awesome snogging techniques, and Dino might finally have a boyfriend. Or maybe not. Who cared? But snog dudes, at the very least.
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Velvet snorted. He was really going to town on the Irish slang - clearly he was in the midst of a passionate speech and couldn't help but slip into his old ways. It was a good thing she'd known him this long to even be able to understand him at this point.

Reyt, reyt. Soz an' all that. Jus' can't 'elp but wonder what life is gonna be like after Hogwarts. Not like it's all smellin' like roses at the moment, but I kindqa like it in a way. When I first came, it felt like a cage, a prison wi' the walls and professors and other judgmental students. But now it kinda feels like somethin' to protect me from the big-bad-world, which I din't really expect. That's not to say I'm not lookin' forward to leavin' and seein' what's out there but..."

She shrugged.

"As much as I wanna be wi' erm...other people, I know am gonna miss yer bein' my boyfriend. I know we'll still be friends...but I guess it's nice t' 'ave a title higher than even a best friend, y'know? An' it's not like I actually wanna bang yer or anythin' like that. I just can't believe this is the last year we'll be together like this. Feels like a real dramatic change when we graduate, y'know?"
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Dino shrugged Velvet's words off. 'It is still a cage. There's no big bad world, just a huge world out there waitin' to be discovered, and this school is only just holdin' us back. I can't wait to be done with it, and I don't understand why yer so apprehensive.' Maybe he hadn't been listening so well. All he could see ahead were bright shining lights and nothing else. If Velvet wasn't seeing them, maybe she wasn't trying hard enough. She needed to not mope so much. 'Think of what, or who ya'd be doin' if school didn't keep us prisoners!'

In the meantime, there were magazines, and that was as good as it got. Soon, though...

Dino brushed Velvet's hair out of her eyes. 'I'm goin' to miss it too. Ex-girlfriend doesn't have the same ring to it as girlfriend. But I think ya'll be happy about it once it happens. It'll be freein'. Ya'll get to have a girlfriend, not just be one!'
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Velvet gave a smile, though it was a little tighter than her usual bright expression.

"Am not apprehensive. Just thinkin' - it's called bein' mature and complex. It's what adults, do y'know." She commented, sticking her tongue at him after. "An' yeah, I'm sure there's plenty of birds waitin' for me to make my move. I just gotta make it, is all."

Though, perhaps inside she was not so confident. She wished she was more carefree like Dino; he always seemed not to worry about who or what he wanted, and would just take the moment when he felt necessary. She was going to miss seeing him every day, but she knew they had to grow up at some point. At least they still had this one final year.

"D'yer think we'll still hang out as much as we do now?"
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Dino was oblivious to his friend's feelings. To him, everything was a question of attitude. If you wanted something, you reached out for it and got it. Apart from an actual date, he'd not found anything yet he was not able to achieve. It was a good thing he was so easy-going and all his goals were easily within his reach, or else he might have found something to challenge his world view.

'Ach, catch yerself on! Thinkin' yer an adult, and all... Ya callin' me a wain?' Dino stuck out his pierced tongue at his girlfriend and then retracted it, running the piercing along his teeth. 'Of course all the birds are linin' up, I told ya! Ya got tits and all, isn't that what yer species likes?' He mimicked a heavy bosom and wriggled his eyebrows suggestively.

'Wise up, woman. If ya think somethin' as naff as graduation is goin' to keep us apart, then yer just bein' wick. Yer goin' to have to kick me out of yer life for me to go. And in the meantime, I will make you go on the pull with me, and we will find you a doll.'
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Velvet groaned, rocking her head back once again.

"Seven years an' I still 'aven't been able to knock all that Irish slang out of yer. Maybe we should go out on the pull together, at least then I could be yer translator when all the lads dun't understand a word yer sayin'." She joked, looking back to him and smirking a little.

"I kinda wanna go travellin', maybe a foreign bird would dig me. But...this apprenticeship they offered me is a one-time thing. I dunno if they'd wait for me, y'know? Maybe I should just do the course, an' then see what I wanna do after." She pursed her lips. "Is datin' men the only thing you got planned for the future?"
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'No one can beat down the Northern Irish, ya should know that,' Dino grinned proudly. 'And besides, why would ya want that? Accents are exotic, and exotic means sexy. Imagine all the dudes lining up just to see me...' He eyes twinkled. 'Ya'd have to be crowd control. Of course, we could give ya an accent, and then ya'd be the sexy bit all the ladies would be dyin' to take home!'

When Velvet suggested traveling and then went back on her goal, Dino threw up his hands. 'Of course do the travelin'! Get yourself a hot foreign bird! Is yer head cut? Princess, ya need to go out and get laid. That's yer highest priority right now. Ya won't always have my hot body to compensate with,' he winked, running a hand over his chest. 'Ach, do I detect judgement in yer voice?' He winked at her. 'I'll let ya know that it's an entirely sound plan for the future. As far as careers go, we'll see. What's the rush? Graduation isn't til next year...'
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Velvet shrugged.

"Gotta think abart the future, love." She commented, flicking some crumbs from her chest. "an' whadd'ya mean I an't got an accent!? Am from Leeds! Am pure Yorkshire blood! I live an' breathe Yorkshire puddin's an' mi blood is practically Bisto gravy!"

"The cheek of yer, sayin' I 'aven't got an accent. Lasses will love this, am tellin' thi. I could get a bird whenever I want wi' this alone, but, y'know...gotta give others a chance first...an all that...yeah..."
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Dino brushed her last comment off. Thinking about the future wasn't fun, it was stressful. And Dino didn't like stress. He'd figure something out when he'd get there. So far whinging it had worked out, so why would he need to be all anxious about it?

'Ach, yer right, how dare I forget yer incomprehensible half the time,' Dino replied with a snort. 'It's to die for, they're goin' to line up the streets, the public transit will strike and there'll be riots. Reckon that's why ya can't do it, there's a law against ya bein' too sexy.' Dino was strongly convinced that the both of them would get someone the moment they got out of school. They'd be out the moment they graduated too, wouldn't they? At least Dino would. Nothing else was holding him back, and he assumed the same for Velvet.
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Velvet smiled at him, but seemed to hesitate slightly. Of the two of them, she was a little more cautious, despite her boisterous nature and exceeding confidence with many situations. She knew what she wanted and she knew how to get it. For most things. Unfortunately, coming out was not something she was directly certain about.

"Yer damn right." She commented, and then pulled her legs from his lap, turning in her seat and resting back. "What class is next? Yer wanna just skip?"
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Dino raised an eyebrow. It was already evening, and classes were over. Unless...

'Was there an Astronomy class tonight?' He couldn't remember. Might as well skip if there was. He made himself more comfortable in his seat. Class or not, he wasn't getting up from here this evening.

'Soooooo,' he started, looking devilishly at his girlfriend. 'Want to log in some more snoggin' hours?'
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Velvet shrugged.

"Yeah sure. Why not." She commented, and then re-positioned herself.

It was nice to kiss Dino, but sadly, just not feminine enough. Dino was a nice guy, and she would miss these times but...maybe one day she would be doing this with someone else...
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Dino grinned, and leaned into his girlfriend, at first cupping her face with his hand, but then deciding he didn't really want to do that. In the end he rested his hand on the edge of the couch. It wouldn't be long, now, until he got to kiss someone he really wanted. Just a couple more months now. They were almost there...