A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #32472  by Dino O'Sullivan
Location: Gryffindor Common Room • Date: September 1996
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: Overcast

Dino was lounging on the good couch in front of the fire in the Gryffindor common room, spreading his legs as much as possible to make it an uninteresting challenge for anyone trying to sit in the unoccupied seats. He was a seventh year, he deserved to sit wherever he wanted! And besides, he was waiting for Velvet, and saving her a seat, so he wasn't rude, he was just being nice for his friend! Girlfriend.

It was early days in the school year, and already Dino knew he didn't want to do his homework. He'd taken a glance at his History of Magic essay assignement, and had quickly and disgustedly tossed it aside. Nah. Tonight, after the pickup Quidditch game they'd just played, he just wanted a nice chat with his best friend. Girlfriend. Yes.
 #32479  by Velvet Goldman
Velvet was already shattered from today's lessons. Who in their right mind cared that much about dumb plants!? Professor Sprout needed to calm herself - afterall, it wasn't Velvet's fault that she set the basket of Bezoars on fire. Her hand slipped...as did her wand, and the word Incendio. All a harmless accident! Clearly!

Entering the common room, Velvet took one look at Dino and then chucked her bag to the side, dropping her robe where she stood and pacing over to him. She practically leaped onto the sofa, swinging her legs onto his and leaning back against the arm of the chair. She grunted loudly at her boyfriend, head hinged back in frustration.

"Guess who lost - like - forty points fo' Gryffindor. Yeah, yer right. Me. Load o' bollocks."
 #32484  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino closed his legs a little to let Velvet have more room on the couch, but he was still rather spread out. What? It was more comfortable this way. He shrugged at the point loss.

'Eh, ya win some, ya lose some,' Dino replied cheerfully. 'For instance, I lost ten points for not doing the Transfiguration essay, but then I got ten points when I was the only guy the unicorn would approach. Hagrid said it was really rare, and everyone stared, I was absolutely scundered, took an awful reddener. Even the feckin' unicorns know,' he added in a mutter.

'Right!' His cheerful mood returned immediately, as he rummaged through his bag and threw a roll at his girlfriend. 'Now stop worrying, you're dead-on. Throw this in your gub.'
 #32523  by Velvet Goldman
Velvet laughed a little. Dino had always been good at Care for Magical Creatures, and Velvet was extremely happy for him. It was good to have something like that, especially to be top of the class. It meant that the professors couldn't just label him a no-good nuisance - she he wasn't regardless of the proficiency in the class or not! But sometimes adults needed more convincing. Velvet, however, was not incredibly great at most classes, aside flying - apparently she was more daring than most students and didn't care about getting hurt at all.

"Aye, yer think am wastin' a way or summat?" She asked, pulling a bit of a face as she looked over the roll. But she glanced up at him, smirking wildly. "Ehhh, guess I did forget to eat..coulda at least put some ham on or somethin' - maybe cheese? Turkey? C'mon. Treat a lass."

But she didn't complain for long before shoving a hefty bite into her mouth.
 #32570  by Dino O'Sullivan
Feckin' unicorns. How did they know? They were just fancy horses, what right did they have to put him on the spot? Dino shook these thoughts out of his mind, and focused on Velvet.

He cocked his head and raised an eyebrow at her, his grin wide. 'Panther Princess has got fancy tastes, now? I did treat ya. Ya got bread. Shut your gub while ya eat, it's not polite.'

He hoaked a bit further through his bag and pulled out yet another roll, this one with a generous coating of whatever it was that lined the bottom of his bag. More crumbs, presumably, and oh, this was a hair. Looked like Velvet's. How did that get in there? He blew on the roll for a moment, then shoved the entire thing in his mouth.
 #32612  by Velvet Goldman
"Oi, not my fault I hang out wi' barn animals all the time - well - one barn animal in particular" She gave him a significant look as she chewed down the bread and swallowed it down with a wince. She really should take smaller bites. "An' besides, that's real rich comin' from King Volcano 'imself, innit?"

"'Chew wi' yer mouth shut', are yer takin' over for mi mam?" She mocked, then stuck her tongue out and took another large bite. This time, she purposely ate with her mouth open, treating him to all the delightful chewing and squelching sounds. She trained her eyes on him, clearly doing it just to annoy him.

She began to speak, and crumbs immediately ejected from her mouth.

"Go on, tel me am the prettiest Panther Princess at the ball!"
 #32631  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino shrugged as he was accused of all sorts, grinning despite the entire bread roll he'd shoved in there, until he had to witness Velvet attempt to eat the roll much like the barn animal she had described. 'Oh, charming,' he articulated, though the large food item in his mouth made it difficult, and made him look like a chipmunk. Hey, he could fit a whole bread roll in his gub! That was good to know. That was the kind of information that might come in handy one day.

'I always thought I made a beezer impression of yer ma, ya know.' He paused to try and chew some bread. Too much ambition, there, Dino.

'Obviously yer the prettiest Panther Princess at the ball. I can even tell ya that yer the hottest girl I'll ever love!' He smirked, and eventually managed to reduce his mouthful by half. 'And I'm not half bad myself.'
 #32687  by Velvet Goldman
"Am the only girl you'll ever love." She grinned at him, then swallowed down her mouthful hard. She leaned back, handing her head back off the arm of the sofa. She sighed, subconsciously picking at the bread roll, crumbling it between her fingers.

"In't it the Yule Ball soon? Are yer takin's me? Are yer gonna wear a suit? Do I 'ave t' wear a dress?"
 #32702  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino took a few seconds to swallow the last of the bread before he answered.

'Ach, that's just a detail,' Dino replied with a dismissive wave of his hand. He was transfixed by Velvet's bread-picking for a moment, and then looked back up to smile at her. 'Who else would I possibly be taking, ya dick? Leonardo di Caprio? I'm going to wear whatever my parents send me. Fancy robes, I suppose. Why would I care what ya wear? Just don't be naked and traumatize me.'
 #32718  by Velvet Goldman
"Even I would go wi' Leonardo Di Caprio..." She commented. "Though I'd prefer Peter Steele. He's at least more my style; we'd match more I think." She snorted, running her hand through her hair.

"I kinda wanna wear a suit, but at the same time...it might be a good time to bring out the goth dress an' really show people what they're missin'." She shrugged. "Or, y'know, maybe naked is the best bet."
 #32720  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino gave a crooked grin. 'He's so dreamy, even your species likes him! My species has seen the light long ago, it was high time you did.' He ruffled her hair playfully, and then returned to hoaking around in his bag. Once he'd found what he wanted, he tossed the orange to Velvet.

'Peel us a piece?' It would have been nice to have a slice of cake in there, but that would have made way too much of a mess inside his bag to be edible still, so fruit would have to do. 'A suit's good,' Dino shrugged. 'But the dress is also good. Does it really show everything? I want people to know yer bangin', I don't want people thinking I'm dating a minger.' He poked Velvet's nose. 'I really, really don't want to spend an evening with you naked.'
 #32733  by Velvet Goldman
"Shurrup, yeah yer do. Yer always wanna spend an evenin' wi' me naked. Remember when we jumped in the sea naked? Was pulling seaweed out of areas for ages." She laughed heartily as she got to work on her orange.

"What's wi' all the food anyway? Fabcied bringin' the Hogwarts buffet up t' common room? Or are yer just that hungry?" She asked, offering him a slice. "Or do yer just prefer chubby girls?"
 #32750  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino grinned at the memory. He'd had to deal with seaweed too, but it hadn't taken him nearly as much time as Velvet. 'I think that's what they call karmic retribution. Yer naughty, so ya get to deal with seaweed.' He stuck a pierced tongue out at his girlfriend. 'Oh yeah, chubby girls are totally what gets me off. I'm trying to fatten ya up, didn't ya realise? I just fancied a snack, woman.'
 #32773  by Velvet Goldman
Velvet rolled her eyes dramatically.

"Maybe yer just want us both t' get fat together. Besides, I doubt i'd be able to get too overweight anyway - yer seen me on the football fields and on quidditch pitch. Am no nancy, y'know. True force t' be reckoned with. Maybe a bit of extra timber will help me scare the competition." She mused, grinned at him.

"What actually is yer type. Am sure you've told me before but..." She shrugged.
 #32782  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino joined Velvet in the eye rolling. 'Aye, sure that's what I want. The both of us rollin' around the Quidditch pitch rather than runnin'. Sounds grand. Ya really think ya do the bulk of the sport, out of the two of us? Someone's brain is banjaxed. I'm the one who does all the push-ups.'

Dino checked his surroundings as Velvet spoke, wary of potential eavesdroppers. 'Of course I've told ya. I tell ya every time I see a hot guy,' he replied in a lowered voice. He wasn't especially difficult. Hot dudes were hot dudes, and they were aplenty. 'Athletic guys, punk guys, bad boys, guys who wear leather, skater guys, guys who can play musical instruments, guys with tattoos,' he enumerated, using his fingers to keep track. 'And then also guys with broad shoulders, mohawks, nice abs, pecs that can dance, slim guys, buff guys, guys with a little meat on them, underwear models... Girl, the world is a big place, and the moment I get out of this school, I'm going to see it all, and get so many hook ups...' Dino briefly got lost in his imagination. 'My type is guys, okay? I'll narrow it down once I get actual experience that isn't making out with a girl with a mohawk.' He winked.