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 #26397  by Ardric Sage
"I suppose I think they learned. I mean they're not coming back right. So maybe we're alright," Ardric said hopefully. He just didn't want Death Eaters in the school. Merlin knew there were already enough kids of death eaters hanging about. "I get not wanting to but we don't have long now," he said.

"I'm not saying you would go to a new school. I meant first year and second must have been hard with the crowds," he said with a shrug to his voice.

Ardric hadn't even noticed the car. But it's not like he needed too notice. He did notice more than he usually did though. Like a guy dropping to the ground to tie a shoelace and the woman talking to a little kid as they walked by. So it's not like he wasn't paying attention. He just didn't see anything suspicious.
 #26398  by Markus Green
"It takes one second to have your life taken." He mused, "Maybe's need not be questioned, I'm shocked no one died with the pink blob around." He reasoned, something he knew a lot about after the events he just survived.

"Actually had sight back then, not that I still enjoyed the crowds." He said, also not noticing the car in the alleyway. Even without sight, his ear didn't pick up the moter.
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"Yes, that's why were staring them down as if they were the ones who killed Yoru," He watched Shiro take a drag of his smoke and sighed. "So it's one more person to watch out for, not like were not trapped in England for a bit anyway." He reasoned, trying to make the situation a little better. Still there were other ways to watch these people, less creepy ways.
 #26400  by Shiro Takayama
He looked over at Hiro for a moment, leaning back in his own seat.
"They unknowingly had a part in it." He countered, but that wasn't why he was in this car...at this moment staring the pair down. Hiro assuming that was Hiro's problem. He tapped his foot, silent.

"One more person could mean more time in England, something I'd rather avoid." He shot back, though Hiro was right about them being trapped in England for awhile.
 #26410  by Ardric Sage
"Honestly I'm surprised too. She could have killed us. Her and her cats," Ardric laughed. Though he wasn't sure if Mark had even been in Umbridge's office to see all the cat paraphernalia or if he even noticed the cats.

"Oh. Uh sorry. Forgot," Ardric said apologetically for not remembering the year Mark lost his sight. They were friends but he hadn't thought of that. "I'm sure no one enjoyed the crowds," he said in agreement.

Ardric finally looked out the window and saw the car, but still thought nothing of it. He just ordered a coffee and chatted with Mark.

"So what's the plan if you don't go back to school? Must be boring without magic for a year," he asked only out of curiosity.
 #26501  by Markus Green
"Her cats?" No he hadn't been in her office, he made sure not to be in her office. But, he had heard her voice. That peppy voice that hinged on warnings. Warnings that she could snap should anyone anger her. He knew those warnings...and with how everyone hated her he was was shocked no one made her snap. Or did they? Is that why she's now missing? Because she went nuts.
"All I heard was the warning tone in her voice she carried all year long." He mused. "That was enough for me."

He shrugged,
"Read. Learn without a wand, maybe mess with potions." At least the few potions that need not a wand...and those that did he was sure Benji would help out with. Benji was old enough after all, at least until Mark could do it himself.
 #26502  by Shiro Takayama
His car turned on, his presence being known wasn't something he needed right now. A 'finally' from Hiro later they were air bound.
"I need that charm fixed." He mused, a sigh coming from Hiro. If that charm was fixed? He could have sat there for hours un-noticed...at least until someone tried to walk down the alleyway.
 #26596  by Ardric Sage
"She had all these items with cats on them that meowed. It was super odd. Just like she was very odd," Ardric explained the cats. For him the cats were this weird thing that bugged him when he had to go into her office. No one loved cats that much. She must have been crazy.

"Well it's good you kept out of trouble than. You wouldn't have liked her punishments," he said moving his open hand against his scar.

"It doesn't seem like that will be very fun," he chuckled looking at Mark.
 #26629  by Markus Green
Odd isn't the word he'd use...maybe cynical...insane was another one. Nuts? Yeah...threatening? Oh yeah. Those were all words he'd use for her. Those were all the words he had for her. Maybe other than plan insane, the review she got from the paper making all officials just as insane. He seemed to be lost in thought for a moment thinking about all the titles that she actually held.

Only coming out of it when he mentioned her punishments. Yeah, he had heard enough about them to know they were less than pleasant.
"I'm assuming not." He wasn't able to see the boy's hand thankfully, or me might just flinch thinking about the punishment's he and other kids went through. He also...would have wondered more so why the Ministry had approved the mad woman.

"You do what you can do. But tell me, why is risking your life with another year of Hogwarts...worth such fun?" He brought back a logical question, and owl dropping on the table.
"Got mail?" He asked, hoping it was for the boy and not him. Though with it being in braille? And right in front of him he'd soon have his bubble burst.
 #26705  by Ardric Sage
He kind of partially knew what was with Mark but not to the full extent. So he didn't want to mention what he didn't know fully.

Ardric saw the owl and stopped for a moment in thought. "I want to become an Auror. I have to graduate," he said as if that wasn't completely obvious. That was all what Ardric was about. "It's not my mail," he said. "Plus it looks like it's braille," he said.