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 #26225  by Markus Green
Covered eye looked like they were looking at the soda in front of him, but his mind was blank. Past the point of thinking, the notes in front of him were simply something to have in front of him and nothing else. An attempt to try to act normal. Human. If that was even possible, he twirled the straw in the soda in front of him.

The letters weren't even braille, He'd needed air. Benji, the one who translated his notes was one of the people hovering. While for good reason, getting air meant not having someone hover over him. That was Prue's job, it had always been Prue's job and now...Now Prue would never do that. It hurt to think about, so he wasn't thinking. Not even thinking about the fact his notes were not readable to him, his ears even tuning out his suroundings as he didn't hear the boy about to walk up on him,
 #26232  by Ardric Sage
Ardric was needing a break from his school work and from everything. He knew he had to study but he didn't really feel like it. He thought he might head over to a cafe and get a coffee and see what daily life looked like in the midst of everything.

Without the use of magic you couldn't really do much anyways as he saw it. As he entered the cafe he noticed Mark his friend staring at his notes and the soda. He walked over to Mark and patted his shoulder lightly. "Mark. I see your studying. How are things?" he asked striking up a conversation.
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He must have jumped half a foot, his heart racing for a moment as his soda spilled all over the table. He felt the drink soak into his jeans, though his hands were grabbing up the book.
"Um...Good...yeah. Good, just fixing some notes for next year." He said while feeling for the book to have damage in anyway. He wasn't about to pour his heart out to a classmate, to everyone else he would be 'good'.

Hopefully the soda hadn't ruined that plan.
"You know me and notes." He simply said, yeah. Him and notes.
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"Sorry to startle you mate," Ardric said trying to help Mark clear up the soda grabbing a bunch of napkins and wiping down the area. He handed Mark some napkins. "Your jeans look a little on the rough side," he chuckled as he put the napkins in Mark's hand kind of.

"You're like the king of notes. When no one messes with your note planning," he said. "It's Ardric Sage by the way. If you didn't recognize my voice," he added just to help him out.
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"Its fine." After all it had been him who was lost in thought. For good reasons but...still he could put no blame on his fellow ravenclaw. Taking the napkins he patted himself down.
"At least its not the book." One of the last books Hed gotten from prue no less.

"Yeah. Umbridge did a great job doing that," obviously his year of conplaining wasn't ignored by some.
"Voices are one thing i reconize." He simply said, glad his cover wasn't blown. Blindness was sometimes a gift.
"Enjoying your summer?" He asked.
 #26321  by Ardric Sage
"For merlin's sake. Not the book," he half joked. He was a reader as well so he knew the pain when it came to wet books. Not trying to ruin a piece of art when he was a kid he never brought drinks into the same area as a book or paper.

"She was a right piece of work. Umbridge. Glad we don't have to deal with her again. Had enough scars to go to Madam Pomfrey over as it was," he said looking down at his hand momentarily though he knew Mark couldn't see that.

"Its out of context my voice. I just wasn't sure as we're not at school ya know what I mean," he explained.
"As much as I can. I can't wait until I get out of that house. As soon as I'm legal I'm gone," he said. "Are you enjoying yours?"
 #26322  by Markus Green
"Right," He merely said as he put his book on the opposite side of the table. "Never the book." He added. Never the book, at least not this book. He was starting to think fresh air was a horrible idea. Though he didn't voice this out loud.

The kid was really going to complain to him of al people about scars? This was amusing, the Ravenclaw having to remind himself that a normal person didn't see that as normal in the least. Were not used to it. Though, he was glad that woman was out of the school....though she had been reported missing, potter taking the blame via rumors. Once again no proof had been given of such accusations though.
"Yeah, it's good she's out." He cleared his throat sitting back down.

"As much as I can." He said, ordering another drink. The person in the shop smiling and vocalizing that it would be over soon in an overly cheery voice.
"The blind have higher senses of hearing. School or not school I'd recognize you, actually...if I'd been paying attention I'd have recognized the footsteps. You tend to put more pressure on your heel making a louder finish to your step." He explained.
 #26326  by Ardric Sage
Ardric sat down across from Mark. "So we're in the same boat. At least we can try to both enjoy what's left of summer. And you can get all your school work ready for the coming year," Ardric said not really knowing what was going on with Mark's family.

As Mark explained things about the blind Ardric went to nod forgetting just a single moment. "Good to know how much pressure my heel gets with sound. I should fix that. As I want to be an Auror I need to be more sneaky," he mused. "I just don't know a lot about the blind and senses. I think I better read up on it," he said.
 #26327  by Markus Green
"My school works already done, this book is advanced potions for adults working to grow past school level." He said, the soda being put down in front of him with a polite thank you given. His notes were done, retrieved by the Binx family to keep him from having to relive that night... though if he were to be honest with himself he didn't need to be there to do it.
"I don't know if I'll even be going back." He commented.

"Only on concrete, gravel maybe. In ravenclaw tower it wasn't as obvious." He shrugged, "Still knew it was you, but I have a feeling your targets wont have blind hearing." He reasoned, taking a drink of his soda and opening up the book. "At lease I hope not." He wouldn't wish loss of sight on anyone. First year he was a mess with running into people, walls...portraits....You know it's bad when the photos are guiding you through the hall.
 #26328  by Ardric Sage
"I'm not really all that surprised. You were always ahead of us all," he said in reply to Mark talking about advanced potions. He always thought he was smart but compared to Mark he wasn't. "Don't you want to graduate? You've come so far," he asked in surprise.

"Still it's something I can work on. Appreciate the knowledge," he said. "I hope they don't. I'm sure it's not exhilarating being blind," he said. "I mean especially with all the sounds around. Would be to much," he added
 #26329  by Markus Green
"And what is there to go back to Ardric? In the past three years Hogwarts is only getting darker, this last year? I'm assuming will only be the start." Obviously he knew none of this as fact, he didn't have anything to go off of either. With Umbridge out, it was logical to think Hogwarts would return to itself. Happy and free to learn magic safety. On the flipside if that mad woman was ministry approved....well, one could assume the problem was only beginning as well. Either way he didn't want to find out which way it was going to go.
"You are aware Umbridge has the Ministry itself backing her." He added. "Think about it, why would they approve of such a teacher?"

"No, it's not." finally the words 'you can trust a blind man' would have made sense. Only he wasn't about to make a joke at his own expense. "You get used to the sounds, learn to work with them. Though it's not an easy process." He admitted.
 #26384  by Ardric Sage
"Well for one we get our magic back. She was only there to make Professor Dumbledore stop and look how utterly badly that failed. He's back at the school. And he won't refuse our magical curriculum. We are students at a magical school," he said. "I'm aware but they learnt their lesson," he added.

"I can imagine a new school and crowds makes it simply more hard."
 #26385  by Markus Green
"You think they learned their lesson." He mused, no one ever seemed to learn their lesson in his mind. In his world things only got worse, and that seemed to be showing in his personality. Within the mix of hopelessness he was starting to get angry.
"That's cute. They never learn, they try something new. It might be better...it might be worse." He took a sip of his soda. "I don't plan to stick around to see the worst thing happen." Too many bad things had happened...he wanted to be around for no more bad things.

"New school?" He asked, "Why would I go to a new school?" He raised an eyebrow. "Who would even want me as a new student if I wanted to go to a new school?" He continued. No, he planned on not going back in general. Not going back to a school without Prudence, not going to a school where he was once again an outcast. To everyone.
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"Looks clear." They had been in the car about 20 minutes watching the lad, watching for any vampire's hidden in the alleyways in the area. Nothing, but Shiro wasn't moving. In the car backed into one of the alleyways he was just watching...with those pale blues. Eagle eyes. He sighed sitting back in his seat.
"Something else on your mind?" He asked, knowing there had to be a reason why Shiro was just sitting there.
 #26391  by Shiro Takayama
"Yeah, Something is on my mind. We don't know who that kid is and that's a problem." They had a list of all of Prue and Mark's friends, all of this thanks to Genesis who had prepared for the worst. It was a good thing he did, Because the worst had happened. A new face was just another person to stalk, something he didn't feel like doing. Tapping the steering wheel he lit a cig, taking a drag as he watched.

He looked like he was late 20's in habits, a kid grown up to fast.
"I don't like links we don't know about." He added. Logically? This shouldn't be a problem. A kid wouldn't be working to the Chinese mafia, the problem was he was anal about details. The problem was anyone seen with Mark could become a new target. The kid just had to escape.