Location: Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch • Date: 15 April 1996
Time of Day: Lunch • Weather: Bright skies

Ardric has always loved flying. When he was a second year his rich, pureblood death eater parents had gotten him his first real broom. He'd had toy brooms all his life but once he was allowed to bring a real broom he could. He enjoyed Quidditch in general. He wasn't the best at the sport and hence why he never tried joining his fellow Ravenclaw team. But his love of flying kept him up in the air a lot.

And with being a frequent flyer it gave him access to fresh air and more friends whom also enjoyed flying and Quidditch.

On one sunny day the Ravenclaw student had grabbed his broom and headed out to the Quidditch Pitch. He put his broom down and held his hand out, "UP." His broom flew into his hand and he climbed on and rose into the air. He hadn't even looked around to see if anyone was there. He was just to focused. He flew higher just soaking up the sun.

Played By: RoseLily
Reese was loving the fact that the weather was warming up a bit in Scotland - and she could spend even more time out on the Quidditch pitch. Not that that stopped her, she would come out here no matter the weather - for Reese, flying was essential to burn off her seemingly endless energy, and it kept her sane in lessons.

Already zooming around, playing with the boundaries of how fast she could go, Reese spotted someone she recognised.

"Alright, Sage!" Reese called out to the Ravenclaw boy in her year.

Played By: Susan
As Ardric flew around he heard the Gryffindor's voice. He was in Reese's year so they had several classes together. He whipped around spotting her zooming by. He sped up so he was practically beside her.

"How's it going Killigrew?" he asked Reese with a smile. "It's nice to be up here," he added just enjoying the rays of sun on his skin. He had his Quidditch shirt on just so he wouldn't feel so heavy up in the air.

Played By: RoseLily
"It is," Reese nodded, balancing on her broom adeptly. It was great to finally be out here and not feel like she was going to freeze to her death.

"Do you come out here often? I don't think I've seen you play Quidditch before?" Reese asked - she was pretty sure he wasn't on the Ravenclaw team, as she usually at least half remembered who they played against.

Played By: Susan
Ardric sat up straighter as he balanced on his broom. He had found he could sit in the air for a while before he needed to balance himself again. “Plus Umbridge has been trying to take away everything so I figured I’d get out here before she steals the sun from us,” he joked playfully.

“I come out here and fly every chance I get. I love Quidditch but I’m terrible at it. So I’ll leave the sport to the students who can play well,” he answered. “But I do love to play nonetheless,” he added. “I know you play for Gryffindor though. I’m at the games in the stands,” he mused.

Played By: RoseLily
Reese grinned at his mention of being in the stands - most of the school came to watch the Quidditch matches, she was a front row regular as well when it wasn't Gryffindor playing.

"Nothing wrong with enjoying flying without playing for the team," Reese agreed, "I'm surprised I haven't seen you around more, but then all the Professors seem to want to kill us with homework this year. I thought I'd have more time outside, with all the free periods we have, but it's like I get less," she rolled her eyes. Academics definitely were not her forte.

Played By: Susan
"The only thing wrong with flying without playing for the team is how fast I can fly. Some of my house mates are on me about trying out for chaser or seeker. And it's not like I have many more years left at school. A few of my house mates think I could join a Quidditch World team but I'm bloody shite," Ardric laughed and did a little loop just to stay balanced.

"I kind of hide and study when I'm not on a broom. Or spending time with the ladies," he joked about being with so many ladies. He only hung out with a couple. "But I could certainly see you and I flying together. Maybe you could teach me some Quidditch moves," he said more seriously.

Played By: RoseLily