Location: At the edge of the Forbidden Forest • Date: October 29

Last year had been an interesting year for Agatha. There had been so many visitors to the Hogwarts grounds, so many children from other countries with different diets that had tempted her so. Unfortunately, security had been tighter, especially later in the year, and she had had to do most of her hunting in the village as usual. One day she would get a little first year student, she was sure of it.

This year, though, most of the students were scared, she could sense it. Things had changed in the magical world, she had heard, even though she tended to stick to herself. With the turmoil, she had gotten more bold, leaving the forest more often. Maybe the students would be distracted, the ones who came down towards the forest... maybe she would get lucky...

That was why she was hovering near the edge of the forest, watching and waiting. Agatha was hungry.

Played By: TyrellRose
Cathrine was back on her way from the greenhouses - Professor Sprout was kind enough to offer her a few petals of hard-to-grow plants - and just moved to the path leading to Hogsmeade, when her ever-loyal company suddenly stopped and neighed.
"What is it, Triola?" she asked the crippled thestral. From the posture of the animal, she read there was some predator in the proximity. Not one to run from, but ont one to ignore, either. She drew her wand, and cast a Protego at the both of them.
The thestral started to walk to the closest trees, as if determined to check something.
Agatha lifted her head, sniffing at the air. Someone was nearby, someone human... but not a child. She frowned, continuing to lurk in the shadows. Then she heard the other voice, and couldn't help herself. The hag giggled.

"And who are you going to listen to? Me, an old woman? Or that monstrosity of nature?" she asked, rising from her hiding spot and approaching the woman with the thestral. She tilted her head, opening her arms in a show of kindness.

Played By: TyrellRose
"Good evening, both," Cathrine said with all the elegance and politeness she could manage. (Which wasn't much, considering her talent for human communucation.) "Nice to meet you both." She didn't have the faintest idea what the other witch was doing out here, but the other was clearly a vampire, and as such, probably not interested in potion ingredients. "Does either of you happen to know where I could find blooming murkflower? A wounded....ehm...horse needs a potion of it."
She was always in need of potions, honestly. With her habit of gathering wounded creatures of (usually) odd kinds....