A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #30240  by Rosalie Chevalier
Location: Alexandria Museum • Date: 5 September 1978

Rosalie paid her fee before pushing through the turnstyle. She'd been looking forward to this trip for ages. Her cousin had gone to Egypt a few years before and Rosalie had been green with envy. But now it was her turn. She pleaded with her parents to let her go; it was important if she wanted to really pursue her dream in the Wizarding Expedition Society. Rosalie still had yet to apply, but she was working on it.

But, first things first — Rosalie wanted to see the spellbook exhibit. It was a traveling exhibit that might have been coming to France or Spain, but she couldn't wait. The collection boasted spellbooks from as far back as the Ming dynasty. The only problem was getting to the exhibit.

Rosalie stood in the middle of the museum's lobby her nose in her map. She repeatedly turned around to get her bearings and try to decipher where to go.