A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #31416  by Dianne Osgood
Location: Florean Fortescue's, Diagon Alley • Date: September 10th, 1978

Dianne could not shake this hopeless, lost feeling in her stomach since leaving Hogwarts. Being back home, living with her uncle, just reinforced how much being able to go to Hogwarts for all but two months of the year really had changed her life. Every summer, she had looked forward to going back, and it had been okay, as she knew that on September 1st she'd be back on the Hogwarts Express. Though this year, September the 1st came and went, and Dianne was not on the train.

Having not found a job yet, her uncle had forced her to come with him to Diagon Alley, so she could look at any advertisements in shop windows while he did his shopping.

But instead, the minute she separated from her uncle, Dianne found herself wandering over to Florian Fortescue's, a place she had frequented so often as a child. As it was still warm, she sat at a table outside with her chocolate chip ice cream cone, watching the people go by. There were no students. This was the adult crowd, the crowd she was apparently now a part of.
 #31840  by Thelma Falklands
Thelma Falklands was proud to admit that she had tried every flavour known to wizard-kind from Florian Fortescue's. She was a star customer and an all-time regular. Now that it was summer and she wasn't stuck to the confines of Hogwarts, it was only fitting that an ice cream treat be her daily routine over the following months. It would be a travesty to her waistline, but after months and months of sub-par ice cream from Hogsmeade (not that it wasn't bad ice cream, it just wasn't Florian's ice cream), Thelma figured she might as well treat herself until her dresses didn't fit anymore.

So there she was sitting at the powder-blue bar with her rhubarb and custard cone, chatting enthusiastically to the server on duty. From the corner of her eye she noticed an all-too-familiar head of wavy brunette hair. She knew who it was immediately. Excusing herself from the conversation, Thelma quickly escaped her seat and carried her cone outside to where Dianne sat.

"Dianne! Hello!" the freshly-graduated witch squealed as she ran up to her best friend. "Oh what a nice surprise to see you here! Isn't this weather just perfect for ice cream?"
 #32355  by Dianne Osgood
Dianne immediately smiled as she saw Thelma approaching - a very excited Thelma, high on sugar from the ice cream, it seemed. Though she also felt a pang of something else - sadness perhaps, and she realised how much she did miss her best friend. It was difficult knowing that they'd probably never share a dormitory again, like they had done the past seven years.

"It's so good to see you," Dianne said, with genuine warmth in her voice, "it's always perfect weather for ice cream, don't lie," she joked.
 #33763  by Thelma Falklands
Thelma was relieved to know that she wasn't the only one. The young witch was quite put off by her mother and grandmothers nagging. It was summer after all! She could settle down when the leaves changed. For now, the sunshine was too pleasant to ignore.

"No! I don't even know what I want to do yet!" Thelma replied in exasperation. Her NEWTS had come out far better than expected, but for the longest time Thelma had lived her life with little passion for a particular craft. She liked muggle pop music well enough, but didn't know a thing about playing the guitar. She enjoyed baking and knitting and quidditch and gardening during the summertime, but couldn't see herself doing any of these things as a profession.
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"Me neither, that's the exact problem!" Dianne exclaimed, pleased now that her friend was in the same situation she was. It was so difficult to decide what you wanted to do for the rest of your life at eighteen years old, and everyone seemed to expect way too much from them.

"I know I definitely don't want to work for the Ministry, way too corporate and stuffy," Dianne said.