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 #30306  by Meiriona Davies
Location: Great Hall • Date: Sept 1

Seventh year felt weird already. Already, Meiriona had walked through the Hogwarts Express wondering where James was until she remembered he wasn't going to be back at school this year. Already she had taken a glance around the Great Hall during the Opening Feast only to remember James and his friends weren't around. Already, she had realized that the first years were looking up at her with that weird adoration reserved for the big dogs on campus.

She was one of those big dogs.

Meiriona wasn't sure if she was ready for that. As the end of the feast drew near, she slunk down in her chair at the Ravenclaw table, not her usual boisterous self.
 #32096  by Carrie Foxworth
Carrie seat alone at a table and she drag a bit her long hair with her. She came off as aloof even to Hufflepuff standard. She did not really talk about her home life or flaunt what her blood status she came off as a bit odd. She had set up board game that is alone and though one piece was were it should be and she roll some dice.

The piece start to move quietly.That is she playing game with someone each time. She had to pause this game because of school. But it seem she did not have really interest in socialize with her house member. The wizard could not figure her out if she was place in the wrong house. She had no loyal to people but to creatures it would seem she was loyal with. She close the bag once she saw the opening feast was about to a start in back pack she carried with her.

That is she appear idle bored but here she was counting the day in her head that is good grades made most question why she was in the hufflepuff house. She then did some paper that school while she was outside school but she seem a bit but she want to get this show on the road with feast and then again she was already bored.
 #32210  by Alun Reese
Alun wasn't sure what was going on, but somehow he had ended up at the wrong table at some point during the opening feast. Finally, he stood up, excusing himself from the Hufflepuff table and started to make his way back to the Ravenclaw table.

At least, that was his plan, until he tripped over the leg of a chair, falling right into that one Hufflepuff with long red hair.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" he exclaimed, trying to catch his balance.
 #32211  by Meiriona Davies
Meiriona was watching Alun make his way back with a fond smile when she saw him fall. Her smile opened into a round 'o' shape as she rose to her feet, dashing over.

"Are you okay?" she asked, frantic. She wasn't even sure who she was talking to.
 #32212  by Carrie Foxworth
Carrie felt something or someone took tumble on to her. She went to take Alun hand or what she could grab mainly to help his balance so he would not fall it instinct that is help him. "Umm are you alright? I am sorry about that."She said as she did she reach out dust off his clothes just to make tidy and clean. It was what her grandmother would want her do. That is she hate anything dirt and what not. She would have escort him to his table and she would go over to where she belong and then she saw a women she did not know.
 #32300  by Alun Reese
Alun flushed bright red, letting the Hufflepuff girl help him up. "I'm fine, thanks. I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to..." he stammered out, embarrassed. He could hear sniggering from the Slytherin table, although he tried to ignore it. Then Meiriona of all people showed up.

"Davies! I, uh..." he fizzled out, not sure what to say.
 #32301  by Meiriona Davies
Meiriona stepped in, helping Carrie brush off Alun, then taking his hand in hers. "You silly klutz," she said, grinning fondly at him now that the initial shock was off. "You'd trip over your own two feet if you were on a completely flat surface."

She then turned to the Hufflepuff. "You're okay, are you? He didn't hurt you?" She was fully aware that she was still holding his hand almost protectively.
 #32310  by Carrie Foxworth
Carrie was a just make sure he got to his house table alright without falling down or anyone. She knew it wouldn't been fun if someone smaller then her. That is he was so big and what not might break someone bones or something. She could hear some Slytherin sniggering but she ignore it for now they were so busy wrap up on who is what. It was none of their business what somebody is.

"No he didn't. I was just making sure he got to his table alright." She thought face plant floor or somebody else that is she would do so. Then she would go back to a seating at the table though honestly she was bored with it having to try to make friend with Hufflepuff that did not get her.

She had grandmother had start get on age and well her grandmother eyesight wasn't best so she figure might be somewhat issue with him.
 #32326  by Meiriona Davies
Meiriona nodded as well, glancing sideways at him. "Alright," she murmured, fluttering her eyelashes at him. Her initial glumness was gone, replaced with admiration for her boyfriend, and she turned back to Carrie.

"I don't think we've met, actually. I'm Meiriona, and the klutz is Alun. We're both in seventh year."
 #32332  by Carrie Foxworth
Carrie caught him maybe it was good thing because maybe the slytherin wouldn't have been as nice as she was. She always help her grandmother around when she was driving that is in car and that what not. When they stop around the store she was often use as cane so speak and what not though she carried her other cane. "Your welcome. I am glad you are alright. I'm Carrie Foxworth. I am just forth year.It is nice to a meet you both."
 #32354  by Meiriona Davies
Meiriona gave a warm smile. "If you need anything, Carrie, don't hesitate to ask. We seventh years are here to help," she said, her maternal side taking over for a moment.

She glanced at Alun, understanding his unspoken question. "But I think we're going to head back to the Ravenclaw table for now. Enjoy the feast!" she chirped, giving a small wave with her free hand and turning to walk away with Alun on her heels.
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Carrie wasn't sure why the girl keep glancing at the guy. She thought it was odd but she herself did not know what to make of it. She had nothing worried about with her in regard to guy stealing him. She thought he was a bit too old for her. She had her standard for one thing in regard to boyfriend. He had to be her age but the house no that would not work for her stay within the house date wise just wouldn't work for her. "I will. " She figure they would be on their way back to the table.