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 #37073  by Jezeviel Degraph
Location: The Silver Vault, London • Date: April 1979
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: Overcast

“Hurry up,” Jez complained as crossed her arms over her chest and leaned heavily against the hotel room door. Hitting her head lightly against the door as the seconds passed, Jezeviel was trying to conjure the public persona her agent had prescribed.

‘Rebellious, but kind. Rock’n’Roll, but golden.’ her agent had said as if it was supposed to mean something beyond a patchwork of qualities.

A new hot venue was opening in town and Rock'n'Roll’s newest couple was set to attend. She ran a hand through her curly mane. “Ready?” She asked her ‘boyfriend’.
 #37085  by Can Zerdali
‘I’m coming,’ Can replied, running the comb through his gelled hair one last time. He was doing his best, why did she need to be so pushy? You couldn’t hurry this level of good looks, didn’t she understand? He had an image to maintain, and couldn’t just go somewhere looking like what the cat dragged in. Then again, maybe she didn’t hold herself to those standards.

Finally Can was ready, and emerged from the bathroom. ‘All set to dazzle the crowds,’ he said, flashing his fake girlfriend a charming smile. Instantly though he remembered who was in front of him, and the smile dimmed somewhat, though he did want to make an effort. He always did. Just, it wasn’t easy. She didn’t make it easy. But maybe he didn’t either? It wasn’t his fault, though, was it?

‘Let’s go. Do we Apparate together?’ He wasn’t sure if she’d agree, but it did sound more couple-y to do it that way.
 #37201  by Jezeviel Degraph
"Dazzle?" She looked at him skeptically. Would they ever be on the same page? "I want to hypnotize them," she approached her 'boyfriend' and looked right into his eyes. Her eyes did not flail, she looked at him as if longing for him, as if truly adoring him. "Because we are so in love," she put a hand on his chest and leaned close to him. She then pinched his cheek. "By the end of the night, they will want to be us." She chuckled and pulled away.

It was all illusions, a farce really. He was the good boy, she was the bad girl and they were selling a story as old as time.

"Together's fine," she shrugged. She offered him her leather jacket-clad arm.
 #37207  by Can Zerdali
Can took a step back as Jezeviel moved towards him, his back uncomfortably meeting the doorway. Her gaze troubled him, and he gulped as she put her hand on his chest, unblinking. Was she some sort of reptile, or something? 'Yeah, that we are,' he stammered. 'So in love.'

He cleared his throat, and felt he could finally breathe once she pulled away. 'I don't know how you do it,' he said, linking arms with her. 'Ready?'
 #37341  by Jezeviel Degraph
"It's not that hard. I imagine you're anyone else," she smiled a gentle smile. One that wasn't meant to scare him off or intimidate him, she was easing into the role she had been given.

She didn't answer, she simply thought about the place where they were meant to apparate. Once they had apparated she planted her feet on the firm ground. Unlike most, she enjoyed the dizzying feeling of apparition.

"Come on, lover," she grabbed a fistful of his shirt and pulled him close to her. "Are you ready?"
 #37402  by Can Zerdali
This was not a normal situation, was it? Jezeviel troubled him. Can didn't understand how she could act so nice and girlfriend-like all the while making him feel like she hoped he would drop dead at any second.

'Delightful,' he replied, just before he felt himself pulled along into Apparition. Unlike her, he disliked the feeling, and still needed to find his feet when doing it, especially when he was just sticking around for the ride. The guitarist looked at the woman sourly. Wasn't he supposed to be the one apparating her there? Honestly. She was going to try to undercut him at any turn, wasn't she?

'Ah, yes, darling,' he replied somberly, though he was quickly able to flash her a dazzling smile. It frightened him some, that he was becoming so skilled at pretending. 'I am always ready to see some fans and be seen with you, Marul. Gofretim. Queen of my life, and everything.' He snaked his arm around her shoulder, and beamed. 'Alright, let's do this.'
 #37812  by Jezeviel Degraph
Harboring a perfected front, Jezeviel stepped into the limelight.

Making sure her lips didn't waver from a smirk to a smile, Jez stood next to Cam as the cameras snapped pictures of them. She waved at the cameras and responded to the journalists's demands by giving them something slightly different than what they requested. When they asked for a smile, she smirked. When they asked for a twirl, she took Cam's hand and attempted to spin him around.
 #37814  by Can Zerdali
It was more exhausting to be the silent, grinning cretin beside Jezeviel for fifteen minutes than it was to do a two hour show. He complied with the photographers' demands, acting in good faith. His label could never say he hadn't given it his all, could they?

As one of them asked for a kiss, Can pressed his lips to the side of Jezeviel's head, and used this opportunity to mutter, 'Can we go in now?'
 #37962  by Jezeviel Degraph
She turned her head swiftly. Their lips were not recklessly close, but their proximity was more dangerous than a gentle kiss on the temple. Hand on his chest she asked. "Is it me you're teasing or is it them?" And she licked her lips for good measure.

A few cameras flashed and her hand fell back to her side. "Yes, let's go inside," she finally relented.

The club was packed, yet the first act had yet to start. "I'm picking your drink," she announced as she pushed through the crowd to make her way to the bar. She grabbed his hand to make sure he was following her.
 #38008  by Can Zerdali
Can stared at Jezeviel licking her lips, and blinked back nervously, a shiver running up his arms. He wanted to crawl away from her, but at the same time, being in such close proximity made him realize she smelled rather nice. He wasn't sure what it was.

'It's never you,' he replied, in a low voice he had hoped would come out more self assured.

Sighing, he let himself be pulled into the club by his fake girlfriend. If he played this charade well enough, maybe the label would leave him alone. Him and Angus. They'd had an argument about it, just the other day. What was Can supposed to say? Angus didn't want to come out, the label didn't want them to be out, and he was forced to have this dumb fake relationship. What was he supposed to do? It wasn't like Angus was proposing any solution himself either.
 #38045  by Jezeviel Degraph
"Two, four horsemen no. 3," she requested with a grin. Somehow an allusion to the end of the world amused her. Probably because a sitting of the four horsemen today was as likely as she and Can developing any sort of positive bond.

"To us," she cheered ironically once their drinks had been placed in front of her.
 #38055  by Can Zerdali
Can let Jez take the lead. It was easier that way. Easier to do what she said to avoid her sharp tongue, and easier to do what she said than to make actual decisions that would make this fake couple situation feel real. If he just played along, and didn't initiate anything, it wasn't real.

'To us,' he said, flashing her and all the onlookers a dazzling smile. 'And to our love. I love you so much, Marul,' Can said, taking care that his words were loud enough for anyone that was near to hear, as he raised his glass to toast her.

Going down the drink felt the same as his toast just had.
 #38563  by Can Zerdali
Much of the night was spent mingling with fans. Jezeviel was still on Can's arm, and sometimes he even squeezed her shoulder for good measure, but it was easier to ignore her when he was busy talking to other people. Some people wanted autographs, others wanted to discuss the finer points of their big hit, I ride the dragon, and others still wanted to give him pointers for how to compose songs, or how he should play his instrument. Those people irritated him very badly, but as he was able to tolerate Jezeviel Degraph tonight, so he could take this in his stride. He always wondered about those people. If they knew better, if they knew everything about being in a famous band and playing guitar, then why were they not in successful bands, with worldwide fame?

After a few hours, things started to quiet down. They were at a VIP table, and most guests had decided to dance, while the Platonics' biggest hit was playing.

'Did you want a last drink, or is this the last song?' Can asked quietly, hoping for the latter.
 #38633  by Jezeviel Degraph
Intoxicated and bored, Jez had been staring at a handsome man sitting at the bar. "Hm?" she questioned when he interrupted her thoughts. "Oh," she responded before he could repeat as she realized she had heard him. "We better go," she answered as she was starting to feel the urge to approach the other man. While she was rebellious, she wasn't destructive, or at least not when being caught meant jeopardizing the band.