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"These are dark times, there is no denying..."
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Ireland and the British Isles are in the midst of the rise of one of their magical world's most feared wizards of all time.
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 #36110  by Thelma Falklands
Location: Magical records store • Date: February, 1979
Time of Day: Afternoon • Weather: Snowing

Spending the day handing out resumes had sure done a number on Thelma. It had been over half a year since she had graduated and job hunting had been arguably more difficult than finishing those darned NEWT exams altogether.

Disheartened, depressed and if not a little disorientated from the blithering cold, Thelma had made the long and aching walk to her favourite store on Diagon Alley. Music always cheered her up in times like this, and there had been a new heat of magical artists hitting the streets recently. Despite the snow and her weary heart, it was worth a quick visit.

"What's a good vinyl to try next...." Thelma mused to herself as she browsed the store's merchandise from the warm interior of the records shop, snow falling with little remorse on the straddled shoppers outside.
 #36292  by Yoru Nakamura
He wasn't a fan of being away from his personal bed, the young 16 year old sporting blue hair followed behind his father keeping his coat bundled up to him was showing it with the look on his face. His father a very strict man was his usual self - overbearing with the look of authority and it showed with how respectfully Yoru was keeping a distance and keeping his normally sarcastic mouth shut. Music of the English had been playing there house for a month - Yoru making a point that it wasn't like his father in the least not really getting anywhere in his goal of figuring out why the change.
'This is music my boy. Matters not which culture it comes from.' Yoru raising an eyebrow.

"And dragging me across the world, when there is a perfectly good shop in our home town is what I don't understand." He muttered, the man giving him a sharp look. Yoru as crazy as he was shut up and looked in another direction.
'I suggest you take a look around, pick one out yourself. On me.' Yoru knowing that wasn't a suggestion...started rooting through the music. He was regretting asking his father to take him out of school for 'personal' reasons until he could drop out, something his father was oddly not upset about. Guess where his job was headed school wasn't needed.

"Go for old Yoru...that'll appease him." He said, though he had no idea where to start when it came to old and the language in this store he only used in school. There was an understanding with some of it...but...not with all of it. He was sure he looked hopelessly lost.