A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #33296  by Jezeviel Degraph
Location: Jezeviel's Hotel Room, Cambridge, England • Date: Autumn 1978
Time of Day: 4am • Weather: Overcast

Sitting at the grand piano, her arm was flung over the instrument and her head was resting against it. Far from the posture, one should display when playing the prestigious instrument, the Bassist pushed the disgrace as far as interrupting her lazy one hand playing to take a swig from a scotch bottle.

A cigaret dangled from the corner of her mouth. At times ash fell from it, leaving streaks of grey snow on the otherwise pristine white notes.

"This song will be the death of me," she sang lowly as her fingers played dissonant notes. "Are we really going to make our first song about a stupid boy?" She complained to her bandmates. Their first album had been a hit, their tour was doing very well, but Jez wanted more. She wanted the band to write their own music.
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Xenia lifted her head. She was sitting sideways in an armchair, her legs dangling over the side with one arm hanging down and the other supporting her head. The way she figured it, she wasn't going to need good posture for singing until they actually had a song. If they ever did actually have a song, of course.

While she didn't smoke, there was a bottle of scotch half empty on the table next to her, and she was fiddling with a pencil, flipping it between her fingers.

"Maybe it's a sign," she said, her eyes trained on Jez's fingers as she played random notes. "Has anyone ever actually written a song before?" It wasn't that she didn't think they could do it. She just... had other loyalties to maintain, and wasn't quite sure they should be doing this in the first place. "No offense, Jez, but maybe we should focus on the stuff we already know."
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"Offence taken," Jez asserted before she extinguished her cigaret between the pages of a nearby book. "Pretentious prick," she insulted the author one last time before she threw his work into the bin.

She brought her attention back to Xenia. "Aren't you tired of singing someone else's story?" She asked as she sat straighter.
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Xenia let out a breath, lowering one leg to the floor, propping herself up on her left elbow, and crossing her right leg over her left so she could meet the other woman's gaze. "What did he ever do to you?" she asked, a light teasing note to her voice.

Then she pinched the bridge of her nose. "It's still our story. It's written for us," she countered. "I mean, I'll sing whatever we have, whether it's something we wrote or something given to us. You know I will. I just think maybe we're rushing into this." She punctuated her comment with a shrug from her lazy position.
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"He wrote a gobshite pile of flaming rubbish," Jez explained though she left out the part where she had dated the man for a month before he had told her about his pregnant wife.

"It's written for us, by people who care more about making money on our backs than they care about the words they write on parchment." She took a swig of liquor. "We're not rushing, we can do this," she assured though she was starting to doubt herself.

"Tell me about something you care about," she ordered.
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Xenia pulled a face, glancing at the other girls in the room. Clearly she was going to need more to drink if she wanted to survive this. She took a swig from the bottle next to her.

“I care about sleep,” she said, tilting her head back and letting out an exaggerated groan. “Something you’re denying us right now.” A pause. “And us. I care about us.”
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"Imagine the swarm of reporters surrounding us, asking about our genius new album." Jez got up from the piano and started gesturing towards the imaginary reporters. She then took the role of an unnamed reporter. "Tell us about writing your biggest hit," her eyes widened as she pretended to be ready to write the answer. She then switched roles and pretended to be Xenia "Oh well I don'know, I was asleep," Jez mimicked a voice sweeter and more innocent than her own.

"Do you care enough about us to be a part of this?" She challenged her youngest bandmate. Her voice was back to being her own and her glance was as intense as ever.
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One long leg extended out for a moment as Xenia rose into an upright position, her elbows now resting on her knees. She watched Jez play the roles, scoffing lightly despite the small smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

She made a show of rolling her eyes. "Like I said, Jez, I'll sing anything," she said, meeting the other girl's gaze and holding it level. "And yeah, I'll be a part of it." Sometimes she felt like she was on the fringes of the group, especially since she had been a late addition, and only thanks to their manager. She had had to prove herself over and over. "I'm only worried about what might happen if things don't go our way."
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Sat on the windowsill with her chin on her knee and a glass of gin dangling from her finger tips, Carmen watched her two band mates converse between themselves. Jez was being her usual animated self, waving her arms about and talking loudly while Xenia shifted beneath the woman's penetrating gaze. Xenia was holding her own though, countering with valid reasons as to why writing their own songs wasn't the best idea right now, but Jez was relentless, had always been and it seemed that Xenia was proving to be a very willing opponent.

"Have we thought about maybe working with another band or singer and collaborating on a song? We could get a feel for it, test out the fans and then decided whether we can start writing our own?" Carmen murmured, rubbing her chin gently against the fabric of her jeans.
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And finally, another bandmate spoke. It wasn't the endorsement Jezeviel had hoped for, but at least it was more than amorphous apathy.

"Car, Car, Car," Jez wagged a finger at the blonde. "Are you suggesting that we compromise our creative integrity right from the start?"

Why were they so intent on doing things halfway?
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Xenia glanced over as Carmen spoke, arching an eyebrow. She struggled on whether or not she liked the idea, since collaborating with a different singer wasn't something she was a fan of. She did see the drummer's point, though, and she nodded thoughtfully before turning her attention back to Jezeviel.

"You're really intent on this, hm?" She hummed at the end of her sentence, reaching for her drink. "I personally have never felt like my creative integrity was compromised."
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Carmen rolled her eyes at her friends dramatics as she lifted her head and swung herself around so that her feet touched the floor. Chugging back the rest of her drink, the short blonde stood and looked at Jez, then at Xenia was she spoke, "I really can't say that I mind either way, if we want to start writing our own material, fine that's great, but we need to be prepared for a little backwash if that's the route we go down. Writing our own songs is a different ball game." Carmen's accent was thick as she spoke, though she barely murmured above a whisper as her gaze fitted back and forth between her band mates. "Our fans like us, not because we write our own songs, but because we can turn someone else's into our own. "
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Reflexively she intended on refuting her friend's assumption but as the words reached her alcohol-numbed mind her rebuttal remained stuck in her throat. Finger in the air, ready to make a point Jez shook her head. What Carmen had expressed was true, they always achieved to turn the songwriters' words into their own.

She mumbled incoherently. Holding her bottle by the neck, she patted her pockets to make sure her pack of cigarettes was in one of them.

"If that's how the band sees it," she bowed to her bandmates' resistance. For now. "I'ma'go for a walk," she announced before she headed towards the door.
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Xenia could have cried. "You do that," she said, rising to her feet. "I'm going to go get some sleep." Maybe in the morning she would be more receptive to Jez's ideas, but for now, she was tired. Hopefully their manager wouldn't call her in for a meeting before she made it to her room.