A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #32495  by Peeves the Poltergeist
Peeves rotated in the air, cackling wildly, and suddenly paused, upside down, to blow a large raspberry.

'Little Peevesie Peeves is not a banshee! Peeves is better than a banshee! I can scream much louder!' And with that, he blew an even larger raspberry.
 #32529  by Carrie Foxworth
Carrie gotten quiet she was begin to think of Peeves as small little kid when he mention being little when he blew stuff. Or little toddler who think he was better then everyone else and she gave smile. She got him say his name to a lot like Rumpelstiltskin when she said that loud. She let out giggle at him. She keep quiet she look over at Griffin wondering what the ghost would say in that regard.
 #32545  by Peeves the Poltergeist
Peeves stayed suspended upside down, sticking out his tongue.

'Peeves would never do that!' Well, he might. And he might have. Fine, he had. 'Peeves is an angel and a paragon of good behaviour!'

Having said this he reached the plate of pumpkin pasties, grabbed it, and began to pelt the two students with them.
 #32575  by Griffin Reid
Griffin blinked, but as pumpkin pasties began to barrel toward him, he ducked. He loved pasties! He'd just eaten perhaps twenty! But not this much!

A few hit, causing Griffin to wince and try to block the attack off. Looking off to the side he saw a large metal tray on the table, picked it up, and began using it as a shield.

"You have an unfair advantage!" He yelled, picking up a pasty and tossing it back at him.
 #32630  by Peeves the Poltergeist
Peeves was both cackling and shrieking as he continued to throw pumpkin pasties. When one was thrown back to him and hit him on the nose, however, he had to change his approach.

'Peeves was always a little Peevesie!' Directly above the pair, he turned the plate of pastries over, and disappeared with a loud noise. He had a large metal plate, now. Peeves was definetely going to put it to good use.
 #32786  by Carrie Foxworth
Carrie look up at him and she wonder if he ever got lonely. She was making conversation as silly as it was. Her grandmother don't talk to ghost or anything that was not normal. But then he disappear with boy and unsure what to say to the boy. "Oh yeah it would seem so.If you were think about it he is little boy"
 #32834  by Griffin Reid
"Yeah, he certainly acts like it." He mumbled, looking in the vague direction of where he disappeared to. "Anyway, I better get to my table; theother Gryffindors might think I'm getting too close with the enemy."

He grinned, then winked at her before getting up to leave the Hufflepuff table.