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 #32181  by Bixbie the Agency Elf
Bixbie had been told to run an errand for her current master. She never really liked going out into busy places as she always had a fear of being trampled. She had hoped that because of the holidays, many people would be spending time with their families or going away for the week.

But apparently, it was the opposite. A large group of people had started to protest about the rights of beasts. In a way, she was glad it was happening, but she was far too timid to think of joining. In reality, she just wanted to continue her errands but...it wasn't all that easy with all these bodies around. Interesting that they were protesting for beasts and yet were being so ignorant to tiny creatures such as herself!

One person stomped their foot particularly close to her, and she squealed, pulling to the side. She tried to squeeze through another pair of people.

"E-excuse me..." She spoke softly, hoping to be heard above the shouting.
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Carrie was on her way to pick something up for grandmother. She was old lady that was getting on years and she had trouble seeing and medication well other things she was head pick it up. She never thought of getting involve with protect mainly because think she was creature herself because of her magic and she has been let out of the attic finally. She nearly trip over some witch her hair did and she end up face plant concrete. She beg her grandmother box she was keep fairies safe in there. She had let wince she had done it and she start to set up and then she saw this house elf. "I'm sorry.It seem like I am running into people and yourself including that."
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Attempting to remain inconspicuous among the crowd, Thea remained polite as she attempted to find a way to escape the thick cloud of protesters. Impatient to return to the work she had left behind, she did not even take the time to read the signs surrounding her or even pay attention to the chants of the crowd.

Unlike the redhead close to her she did not apologize when she noticed a house-elf attempting to move through the crowd. She did, however, tap on the shoulder of a man who seemed to think himself as immobile as a wall. "Excuse me, we are attempting to get through," she explained impatiently, hoping to make way for both she, the house-elf and even the redhead.
 #32356  by Bixbie the Agency Elf
Bixbie squeaked, feeling the brush of red hair on her head. Despite being so small already, she already ducked to try and get out of the way, looking up timidly at the girl. She gave a small smile since the girl was at least being nice. And then another woman turned up and seemed to be helping out in a different way.

Ah, yes, that man was really making it hard to get through, even for house elves. Sure, she could weave between legs but that was very dangerous!

"Bixbie wishes they didn't do it in such a small street." She commented, looking for agreement and approval of her opinion.
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Carrie wasn't that big either she was hoping that she be crush by them. She was or that they thought she had house elf or something. Her grandmother would say no to a house elf. That is she would say put that things where that belong and that is. That she did not need another it in the house. That was she was called in the house that is she did try to make her happy.

"I would hate to crush too.That is by someone so massive. I'm Carrie by the way."She then was quiet that is then she look up at the adult that decide to appear but she hope that is she did not think she could moved him because they would not listen to a her despite being witch and she could try maybe they would laugh at her or find it funny she had attempt to nice to some other creature.
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Seeing as they remained immobile, Thea put a hand on one of the man's shoulders and pressed until there was enough space to pass. She squeezed between them. "Hurry," she encouraged the young girl and the house-elf.

That would be all the help she would provide. She continued her way through the crowd without giving much thought to how the two would fare.

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Bixbie scuttled through the now open gap. She looked up to offer a little nod of thank you to Thea, but she seemed to have already made her way into the crowd again. There were certainly good people around, she was sure. Sliding off to the side, away from some bustling bodies, she looked up to Carrie.

"Bixbie, Miss." She spoke softly, pulling her little cloak around her. "This is a little busy for me, but the Master wanted his books today. Maybe Bixbie should wait until the crowd dies down..."
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Carrie was always make friends with creature her grandmother would not natural or normal. But then again her grandmother did not consider Carrie normal that is something she would have lock up but the wizard community choice to interference with how she raise this creature know as Carrie.

"Well my grandmother want her medication so she sent me to get it.It is certainly busy maybe I should learn how drive car but then again my grandmother will not let me anywhere near it. I guess zip you over there and then I could drop myself off too. She also say too young to drive. It is pleasure to meet you Bixbie." She was like house elf herself she clean and cook. While her grandmother berate over everything she did. If she had house elf what would she do maybe pay the elf for the service they do.
 #32522  by Bixbie the Agency Elf
Bixbie gave a small, shy smile to the girl. She seemed fairly nice, and not at all like others around here that still treated house elves like slaves. Perhaps it was the fact that she was able to wear clothes unlike a lot of others - she had seen many around wearing potato sacks and tea cozies. It was rather upsetting to know that they weren't even allowed to wear basic amenities...

"A car? Bixbie doesn't know what a car is..." She said, tilting her head slightly. "And medication? That is like...potions? Bixbie had a Mistress that needed 'medication' as per what the Master said, but Bixbie never saw her take any..."
 #32526  by Carrie Foxworth
Carrie was a kind to almost living creature rather it be small house or tiny fairy. She gotten quiet when she mention her grandmother car because she should not mention because that would show sign she might be muggleborn to have old lady that has car. Or maybe half blood she figure that they might own them as well.

"It is how non magical people get around instead to well walking.It is form transportation long distances. " She probably wouldn't been barely reach the gas paddle or brake peddle for it. She did not mind explain to her either. "Yeah it like potion but each medication is different from one another."
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"Oh." Bixbie said in thoughtfully said. She looked up at the bricked houses for a moment, and then looked back to Carrie.

"Why do you know so much about non-magical humans? Are you friends with them?" She asked, tilting her head. "Bixbie hasn't spoken very much to ordinary humans - tries not to speak to magical humans too. Sometimes they are mean..."
 #32620  by Carrie Foxworth
Carrie had gotten quiet she look back at her. She look back at him. "Just a few I am friends with them." She pause awhile that is she gotten quiet but she did not reveal much on that subject. Sometime magical people can be mean to each other too not just you" She pause awhile in thought looking back at her. She look back at her with a smile. "I am not bad as them."
 #32682  by Bixbie the Agency Elf
"Of course you are not. Bixbie knows children are not born mean, and you are too young to be so." She spoke lightly, sifting further out of the way, adjusting the cape tie at her throat. "Bixbie wonders why humans are not just kind to each other to get success and happiness? Like this-"

She gestured to the protest.

"Bixbie appreciates the effort, but in trying to help beings, they have nearly injured one in the hustle. No thought for actions."
 #32787  by Carrie Foxworth
She attempt to help to adjust the tie at the throat for her that is she was attempt to help her. "Trust me it is always something you know that set human off that can makes cruel it is usually because they are different from one another. Alot time human don't think about what they are doing or look down when do that. "

She look back at her with a light smile. "If your master does not mind maybe we could have some hot chocolate together sometime if this thing they are doing success but that is solely up to you?"
 #32835  by Bixbie the Agency Elf
Bixbie looked up thoughtfully at the suggestion, but sadly had to shake her head.

"Bixbie likes the thought of hot drinks very much. but master is in need of timely services, and Bixbie has been delayed enough already. Maybe Bixbie will run into nice witch again and have a good time when errands are not needed..." She mused, then cleared her throat. "Bixbie hopes Carrie enjoys her day."

She gave a low nod of her head before heading off to collect the master's requested books.