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[Diagon Alley] Of Days Gone Past

Dianne Osgood, Young Adult

Magical ★
Location: Florean Fortescue's, Diagon Alley • Date: September 10th, 1978

Dianne could not shake this hopeless, lost feeling in her stomach since leaving Hogwarts. Being back home, living with her uncle, just reinforced how much being able to go to Hogwarts for all but two months of the year really had changed her life. Every summer, she had looked forward to going back, and it had been okay, as she knew that on September 1st she'd be back on the Hogwarts Express. Though this year, September the 1st came and went, and Dianne was not on the train.

Having not found a job yet, her uncle had forced her to come with him to Diagon Alley, so she could look at any advertisements in shop windows while he did his shopping.

But instead, the minute she separated from her uncle, Dianne found herself wandering over to Florian Fortescue's, a place she had frequented so often as a child. As it was still warm, she sat at a table outside with her chocolate chip ice cream cone, watching the people go by. There were no students. This was the adult crowd, the crowd she was apparently now a part of.

Played By: Susan