"Second year." Griffin stated proudly, though still seemed to slump back against the plush chair. "The main things you should know about me are these."

This is when he sat forward, pointing on his fingers as he listed them off.

"I'm super cool, I'm brave, I can eat more pumpkin pasties than my body weight, and I'm gonna be the best Vampire Enforcement Officer there is."

Played By: Vyreia
Rian smiled as the boy began to list off his dreams, desires and quite frankly, impressive achievements. The innocence in his voice made him envious. By his age, Rian's brother and father were dead which made him a much less enthusiastic second year than the boy that sat in front of him.

"That is quite impressive, I must say," Rian replied with a smile.

"Anyway, kid. As nice as it was to chat, I'm going to hit the hay and pray that my letter arrives by the morning." Rian stood up from his seat.

"Make sure to enjoy the rest of your snacks." The older boy called out as he exited the room, heading towards his dormitory.

Played By: Nik
"Yeah, yeah, I will. But you better believe that they aren't gonna be in the same hiding place by the morning, so don't even bother trying to find them!" He called after the other boy before slumping back against the chair and reaching for a second bag of crisps.

Played By: Vyreia