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Containing the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, this continent has become the star of the international magical world as it experiences unprecedented opulence.
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 #36848  by Thore Breland
He had hate the world that is he was born into and yes he thought world own him. His parent had given him up and he hate that how his parents could not give nothing to eat. Then these one he had were bootlegger and that is and then they spend most of time in jail.

He had turn the life of crime at some point he was walking that he was looking for something. He had stash away some thing before he was caught and he wasn't going to reveal where he had stash things. He look stolen a pearl necklace out somebody bag and yes he was going to pond shop it and get money with it. This stuff was worth money and what not.

He was regular snatch and grabber and then give it up. He wonder if this other thing was worth anything. He had stolen something from school and what not. Potion master in his school could not figure out where some potion went or whatever he was stealing whatever nail down. He had problem taking thing and then sale them and yes he was skill at making potion but the problem was it was not land him job and he did not it all everything. As he seat there one of his pet snake went around stomach they thought but most thought he was strange that he along fine with snake and keep student away from him. Of course he had owl and note pad. He did not do so well in calling out spells because he had not use his voice in years because everything here is crap.