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 #33325  by Harriet Doran
Location: Lady Madeline Blythe's Home • Date: Fall
Time of Day: Afternoon • Weather: Sunny

A day had passed and yet the feeling had not dissipated. A week had passed and the feeling had only seemed to amplify. It was a feeling she couldn't quite contain, a feeling that lived in the pit of her stomach and at times seemed to clench its grip against the chambers of her lungs.

She thought it might have been guilt. She had felt bad for what she had done. She had even attempted to run after the woman she had offended, but Caterina had held her back.

The sun was high in the sky and the streets were bustling with activity. Most were too busy tending to their daily chores to pay her much mind, but when they did they spared an intrigued smile for the woman with the velvet top hat who carried a nice bouquet of white roses.

Harriet stopped when she reached Lady Blythe's home. She was acting on an impulse, she had not really thought this through. Harriet climbed up the few stairs leading to Lady Blythe's door and knocked.
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"Thank you, Audrey," Madeline murmured as she took the cup of tea her Lady Maid had just set down on the small coffee table next to the arm chair she sat in. The leather bound book she had been reading was discarded face down, spread open to keep her place so she could go back to it after her cup of tea.

Pressing the delicate china to her bottom lip, she blew across the top of the liquid before taking a small sip. Madeline let out a pleased sound and then smiled up at Audrey. "Delicious." The woman seemed to preen under her compliment but then jumped when knocking sounded from the front of the house. Madeline looked at her and then Audrey turned and headed towards the noise, only before she could disappear Alcott's voice carried down the hall.

"Lady Blythe," He called, "You have a visitor."
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Though confronted by Madeline's status, Harriet remained stoic. In her years working at Merlin's, she had come to understand that titles were meaningless, those with clout did not handle their liquor any better than those without. While she respected Madeline, she was not intimidated by her.

She insinuated herself inside the home. While she was not intimidated by Madeline, the reason for her visit made her feel rather humble.

"Don't worry Alcott, is she in the drawing-room? I can just go see her, it's hardly a visit, more like a delivery," using her chin, she pointed at the bouquet of flowers in her hands.
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Hearing two sets of voices from down the hall, Madeline looked at Audrey and the woman immediately smiled politely before turning on her heel and disappearing through a door that lead to the back of the house. Alcott, her butler, obviously had things in hand and her maid was no longer needed, at least until Madeline rang the small bell that signaled that her assistance was needed.

Placing her tea down on the saucer, Madeline stood just in time to watch Harriet enter the sitting room with Alcott right behind her. The man seemed to look a little affronted, and that made her lips quirk. The butler was not used to confident woman who inserted themselves into situations without asking for permission first, even Caterina, who had lived a very independent, but privileged life didn't effect the man so obviously.

"My Lady, " The handsome Englishman spoke, looking like he was about to apologize or complain about Harriet's obliviousness.

Madeline simply shook her head and turned her gaze to the attractive blonde, greeting her before the man could finish, "Harriet, what a surprise." Though after the early morning visit from Caterina, Madeline wasn't that surprised by the woman's presence. Caterina had most certainly predicted this.
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"Thank you, Alcott," Harriet dismissed. She would not tolerate any other witness than the Lady herself.

"My lady," she spoke, though, for the first time, it felt strange to address the woman by her title. Or rather it felt strange to use a possessive determiner before her title. Harriet was well-aware that she had humiliatingly rejected that privilege when she had refused to indulge in the woman's fantasies. Fantasies she had nurtured herself, though she refused to admit it.

"I wanted to offer these," she presented the woman with a bouquet of flowers. A present meant to represent an apology she could not verbalize.
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Threading her fingers together, Madeline swallowed and let her hands hang in front of her, her left thumb rubbing the skin smooth skin between the thumb and forefinger of her other hand. It was a nervous tick, but the English woman was determined to not show any more weakness in front of the blonde. Madeline had opened up to Harriet, only for the woman to turn her down in an incredibly embarrassing way. Caterina had come the next morning to pick up the pieces, only to find that Madeline had rebuilt herself, fortifying every wall she had built before coming to America.

"Flowers?" she asked, tilting her head to the side as she stared at the colorful bouquet, "They're lovely, but why?"
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"As a gesture of friendship," she responded in a tone she had researched and then rehearsed all night.

Harriet took a step towards Madeline. "We can be friends." Judging her own juvenile words, she frowned and yet her chin quivered. It would not be her first attempt at drowning humiliation with a bought of nervous laughter.
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Madeline blinked and immediately as if sensing her distress, Alcott moved forward and reached for the flowers.

"I'll put these in the side room," The man said and then disappeared. The side room was a place Madeline never visited so he was sure his Lady wasn't going to run into them. It was his and Audrey's go to place when it came to getting rid of gifts without having to through them away.

Swallowing, Madeline clenched her hands in front of her and stared at Harriet, "Friends," She said, echoing the blondes. Using the word 'friend' to describe their relationship felt like she had just been punched in the stomach and had had the wind knocked out of her. Could they be friends now? Madeline couldn't say, at least not yet, because she had bared her soul to Harriet and had been turned down. It stung and she needed time.

"Harriet..." She sighed and shook her head. "I don't think I can..." Madeline closed her eyes briefly before opening them and attempting to smile. "We can be friends, but I need time."
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The feeling in the pit of her stomach clawed upwards until it was stuck in her throat. She swallowed thickly.

She could see the hurt she had caused and to stand in front of Madeline without knowing how to fix it was pure torture.

Harriet took another step towards Madeline. "You know it's not-" she looked over her shoulder to make sure the butler had left the room. She looked into Madeline's infinite blue eyes. "Madeline," she whispered the woman's name as if forbidden to say it without her title. "It's not for lack of temptation," her eyes drifted towards Madeline's lips before they shot back to her eyes. "I'm just not the right person for-" she did not know how to describe what Madeline expected of her.