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 #31752  by Georgia Taylor
Satisfied that there was no one of interest to her in the diner, she pulled the door open and led her acquaintance to a table where she should see the other patrons of the restaurant. Finally, she focused on him, especially when he was replying to her question.

She was about to ask where Nova Scotia was, when he clarified. Canada. All she knew about Canada was that they had moose. Mooses? "I'm from here, yeah. Born and raised in New York. No family or anything, but I'm not worried about it. I get on just fine," she said, sliding a menu from behind the sugar jar and passing it over to him.

What can I get you? a voice sounded. The waiter.

"I'll have a coffee. Black. And a water. Thanks," she said, looking over to Lucien expectantly.
 #31794  by Lucien Bilodeau
Lucien took the menu and looked at it, but he wasn't really reading it. Instead, he was listening to his companion explaining where she was from. Not having family was almost inconceivable for him. He placed a lot of value on his family and having people to support him. She seemed rather well adjusted, though, as far as he could tell.

The waiter showed up, and he politely waited for her to order. When it was his turn, Lucien instinctively started to order in French before catching himself. "Black coffee, s'il vous plait." He had to remember he wasn't in a French area anymore.

While the waiter went to get their drinks, he turned his attention back to Georgia. "So... what do you do, Georgia?" he asked, absently running his finger down the menu in an attempt to determine what he wanted to eat, if anything.
 #31981  by Georgia Taylor
Georgia really liked this accent she was hearing, and hearing him actually say something in French was really attractive. She knew it was french because she'd heard it before- everyone know what s'il vous plait meant. She almost wished she could speak some French just so she could impress him. And that was a weird feeling.

"Oh, you know. Odd jobs here and there. I make a lot of... deliveries for people," she said, skirting around the truth. It wasn't a lie, just a bit of an avoidance. She smiled and tried to distract him instead of going on about her employment situation. "So, what are you going to do now that you're in New York?"
 #32025  by Lucien Bilodeau
He returned her smile, feeling more at ease. She seemed nice, and he felt like he could actually enjoy being around her - and that was coming from a man who usually liked to be alone, if not with family. Lucien nodded in understanding, although he did notice she didn't linger on her own life.

"Well, I do have to get my ship fixed. The mast broke, and I lost some nets, so I'll have to replace those, too." Dollar signs were adding up in his mind. "And I'd like to try and get a message to my family, so they know I'm alright. Other than that, I really have no plans. I know nothing about the city," he admitted, hanging his head.
 #32431  by Georgia Taylor
Georgia raised here eyebrows when Lucien mentioned just how broken his ship was. She didn't know much about sailing a ship, but she was pretty sure that a mast was almost the most important part of the ship. It was probably expensive too.

"It's a big city... it sounds like you've got a lot to do too. You got a place to stay? Or are you going to try and sleep on that boat of yours?" she asked, trying to keep her head in the game.

Their waiter brought their drinks, asking at the same time if they were going to have anything to eat. Georgia ordered some fries and remembered that she was only doing this to distract this fisherman from being near her pier.
 #32508  by Lucien Bilodeau
He shook his head, twisting his hands together in embarrassment. "Non," Lucien replied, letting out a sigh. "I didn't really plan on being here, so I suppose I'll stay on the boat for now," he said, a little more morosely than he intended.

When the waiter came back, he took a sip of the coffee and ordered himself some fries, unintentionally copying her. "I won't mind, though. It's really my home, more than the house back home," he added, trying to sound less desperate. "I don't suppose you know a place where I could pick up some lumber, do you?"
 #33146  by Georgia Taylor
Georgia tried not to get distracted by the interesting French accent she was hearing. Something about it was drawing her in. But him staying on the boat was problematic for her shipment that needed to go out. She was really gonna hear it from the end customer - though she didn't really think that was fair, since she was the one risking jail time if she was caught.

"There's a place up the street, a lumber yard. I forget what it's called, but it's maybe three blocks that way on the right," she said, wondering if he would go and check it out now so that she could get her illegal booze from in front of his boat. She took a slightly anxious sip of her coffee and looked at the clock on the wall. "You got a bed on that boat of yours?" she wondered aloud.
 #33286  by Lucien Bilodeau
"I'll have to check it out," Lucien replied, noting her change in demeanor. "Perhaps tomorrow, after I've gotten some rest." As for a bed on his boat...

"A cot, really. It's not the most comfortable, but I don't usually use it. It's more if I have someone with me," he said with a shrug, sipping his own coffee.
 #33831  by Georgia Taylor
Georgia raised one eyebrow and looked over the rim of her coffee cup at her dinner guest. "What do you mean you don't use it? Do you sleep on the floor or something? That's no life for anyone," she commented, suddenly very concerned that this fisherman wasn't getting the best night's sleep on his broken boat that was parked in front of her payload.
 #33846  by Georgia Taylor
Georgia squinted a little and tilted her head to the side. "Do you not sleep?" she asked, curious now. As far as she was aware, it as impossible to not sleep.

"Oh! I um," she was scrambling now to come up with what she was doing this evening. "I'm going to work later. I work nights." It wasn't exactly a lie. Not really. She hoped that he didn't ask any further.
 #33849  by Lucien Bilodeau
Lucien shrugged again, finishing his coffee. "Not while I'm on board. And I usually try to avoid being at sea for more than a night or two," he explained. Then his eyes widened.

"Oh, but I shouldn't keep you from preparing for your shift," he said, rising to his feet. "It's been charming, Georgia." He sounded almost reluctant to part, but he didn't want her to feel like she had to be accommodating for him when she had to work.
 #33850  by Georgia Taylor
Georgia wasn't sure why he was being so accommodating toward her- she hadn't even said what time she was supposed to work. But, she appreciated it secretly, hoping she could slip back to the dock before he had a chance to do the same. "Oh! It's no problem, but thank you! Are you, uh- are you going to head to the lumber yard and see if anyone's there?" she asked, a little on the sly.
 #33855  by Lucien Bilodeau
As luck would have it for the woman, Lucien didn't find it at all suspicious. Instead, he gave a polite nod. "Yes, I think I'll do that," he said, drawing his coat around him. Then, almost shyly, he added, "do you think there's a chance we could meet for lunch tomorrow? You're... the only person I know here in New York."
 #33859  by Georgia Taylor
Georgie let out a sigh of relief, inwardly, of course. She nodded outwardly, thankful that she would be able to get her stash out of its storage space. A smile came to her face when he asked to meet her for lunch the next day. "Yeah. Yeah, sure. I'd like that," she replied, her smile going a little soft. "Here?" she asked, to make sure.