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Flinching beneath Caterina's touch, color now climbing up her chest and around her neck Madeline, coughed and then stood so she could cross the room. Pouring more gin into her barely touched drink just so she had an excuse to escape Caterina's wandering hand, and Harriet's heated looks.

She took a sip of her drink and did her best to keep a straight face as it burned on it's way down, "So...you two have been intimate then?" Madeline asked boldly, though her voice shook and she shifted uncomfortably.
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Not shy, but perhaps a little ashamed she sought approval from Caterina. Were they to keep their short intervale secret or should they be upfront?

"Once. Because Caterina felt bad for me," she finally divulged. As she had spent a considerable portion of the week trying to charm her host and had been rebuked every time. Harriet had come to the conclusion that it had indeed been pity that had led the woman to follow her to her bed. Afraid that she might cause a breach in the relationship she claimed to respected, Harriet offered an apologetic smile.
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Madeline Blythe wasn’t stupid, and any one who mistook her quiet, timid demeanour as such was going to find out the hard way. Caterina however had never assumed that the English woman was anything but brilliant and she had known right from the start that lying to her was sure-fire way to lose her forever. So Caterina didn’t even hesitate to confirm the woman’s suspicions with a steady nod. Hearing Harriet’s admission however made her shift slightly in her seat. She hadn’t meant to lead the woman on, Caterina truly had enjoyed their night together, and denying her advance over the last few days wasn’t meant to be taken as pure rejection, but she realized as she turned to look at the blonde, that that’s what she had done.

“I didn’t feel bad for you,” Harriet said, wanting ease the blondes worries but also wanting to make sure Madeline stayed involved and engaged. If the brunette felt even the slightest bit vulnerable she would bolt and neither she nor Harrier wanted that.

Turning back to be brunette, she held out her hand and beckoned her over, “Come,” She said lowly, waiting until Madeline began to move before she redirected her attention back to Harriet.

Feeling Madeline hesitantly slid her hand into her hand, she smiled, “I am sorry that my reluctance seemed like rejection, but Harriet, you must know. I find you incredibly alluring and I enjoyed our night together but-“ She looked quickly at Madeline who had retaken her seat and was watching them both. “It would be incredibly selfish of me to have you and Madeline, don’t you think?”
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"So very selfish," Harriet intoned with an inclined brow. While she believed that Caterina had enjoyed their night together she didn't quite buy the rest of her explanation.

She looked at Madeline. "I don't intend on getting in the way, I know you two share something special."
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Sitting next to Caterina with her left hand clasped in the woman's right, she watched Harriet from across the woman, trying to piece together why she felt the need to explain herself. Caterina was her greatest friend, and her lover, but she did not own the woman. They'd never really talked about whether they seen other people or not, but she was positive that both of them had shared a night with someone who wasn't each other. It had never been an issue, or something discussed, because they both knew that no matter what, it was their relationship that mattered most.

Harriet was different however. Caterina had called out Madeline's interest in her from the very beginning and even though it had taken until recently for her to admit it, they both knew it to be true.

What she hadn't known however, was that Caterina seemed to share her interests and that was definitely new. Harriet though seemed to only have eyes for Caterina tonight and that made her feel slightly disappointed. If only she could be as out-going and as honest as the redhead sitting next to her was.

"You're not getting in the way," Madeline replied quietly as Caterina squeezed her hand twice. "Caterina is...my best friend, and she is free to see other people. We are not tied to each other Harriet, and if you wish to pursue something with her, you have my blessing," She winced, "Not that you need it of course."
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"I do not," she interjected resolutely.

While she had enjoyed persuing her reluctant host, more than anything it was the pleasure of the chase that had motivated her. Not to mention that she had been quite desperate for distractions.

"Perhaps we should move on to another topic?" She suggested quite eager to move on. "Or maybe I should play us a pice before we move on to the dining room," she pointed at the piano. "I would love to hear your voice again, My Lady."
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Only slightly offended by Harriet's rebuff, Caterina could only look at her and smile gently. She deserved it after all, with the way she had unintentionally lead her on, but that didn't mean it didn't sting.

Reaching for her drink with the hand not holding Madeline's, she took a sip and then nodded, "Why don't you sing me a song," She asked quietly.
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Moving her gaze from one woman to the other, trying to decipher the true meaning behind their words, Madeline hardly heard their request until the last moment.

"Sing?" She murmured, looking towards the piano. Heat flared in her chest and between her legs as she remembered the last time she sat behind it with Harriet at her side. Caterina had watched on with a tender look in her eye that had made her nearly want to combust.

Sucking in a deep breath, she squeezed Cat's hand before standing and making her way across the room towards the piano. Staring down at the black master piece, she reached out and gently ran three fingers across the immaculately polished surface.

"I'll sing for you, but only on one condition." Turning, she looked at Harriet and then at Caterina, "I didn't get to see you to kiss before, but I want to see now."
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Intending to drink a sip before she got behind the instrument the glass that had been against her lips was gently lowered without dispensing any of its content. "I'm sorry?" She coughed though she was certain she had understood.

Eyes drifting from Madeline to Caterina, she was starting to wonder if the two had planned this.
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More than a little surprised by Madeline's sudden spout of bravery, Caterina blinked at the brunette as she did her best to process the woman's request. She had of course known about Madeline's attraction to Harriet, and while she had been perfectly willing to step aside and let the two figure out what they wanted, she hadn't really considered that maybe Madeline wanted...both of them? Is that what she really wanted or was Caterina reading this whole thing completely wrong?

She looked at Harriet and it seemed that the blonde was faring no better than her, "Ah, you want...Harriet and I to--" Caterina waved a hand between herself at the woman to her right, "--kiss? And you want to....watch?" She repeated, wanting Madeline to confirm, needing her to confirm.
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Feeling the courage in her slowly disappear as both woman gaped at her, Madeline felt color begin to build in her cheeks and she had to turn away to take a seat at the piano. Her hands smoothed across the cover that hid the keys before she gently flipped it open and ran a finger down the G sharp key, "Yes," She finally answered, not looking up as she spoke. "Ever since Caterina so very kindly pointed out to me that my attraction to Harriet had not gone as unnoticed as I had originally thought it had, I have found myself wondering how I could possibly give one of you up for the other." Madeline lifted her head and looked at Cat before her gaze slid towards Harriet, "But as it turns out, maybe I don't have to."
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It would be a lie to say that she had not flirted with Lady Blythe, but she had done so amicably, without a true intent to follow through. Her resolve to keep Madeline at an arm's length was even more firm now that she was under surveillance.

Harriet gave their host a furtive look; taking Caterina to her bed had been the beginning of her journey on a slippery slope. Hopefully, Caterina would remember why she was reluctant to get closer to the blue-eyed lady.

She joined Madeline at the piano. She placed her fingers on the keys but produced no sound. "I am flattered, My Lady. Truly," she spoke gently. She attempted to harbor her eyes, into Madeline's ocean-blue. For a second her will wavered and she was tempted to give Madeline everything she requested. "But I fear I can't quite give you what you so desire." She swallowed thickly, feeling as though the shred of will holding her back was about to sever.
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Feeling so incredibly foolish that she wished the ground would open up and swallow her whole, Madeline let her hands fall away from the white keys and twisted them into an uncomfortable ball in her lap. Madeline had been naive to think that being brave would do her any favours. How silly was she to think that if she just asked she would get what she wanted. Caterina had been wrong. SHE had been wrong and it made her feel queasy.

"I ah--I have to..." Standing, she clumsily stepped over the bench, nearly catching her dress on the corner. Madeline glanced quickly at Caterina before turning away and wrapping her arms around her mid section. "I have to go, I'm sorry. I'm...sorry."

Without sparing either of the woman another glance, she moved across the room quickly and headed for the front door. Forgetting all about her coat, she ripped the door open and fled down the street, to the safe haven that was her own home.
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As soon as the words left Harriet mouth, Caterina knew exactly what was going to transpire next. Madeline was not accustomed to rejection, but not only had Harriet done just that, she had completely missed just how brave the English woman was being. Madeline was not someone who ever opened herself up, ever, nor did she ask for what she wanted. Over the years Caterina had gotten very good at figuring out exactly just that so the woman wouldn't have to go through the humiliation of baring her soul, but Harriet didn't know this. Couldn't have known this, even if Cat had tried her hardest to explain it.

Watching Madeline with a frown, she very much wanted to chase after the woman, but she knew the brunette needed time to herself. Time to lick her wounds and rebuild the walls Caterina would have to slowly tear down once again.

Looking to Harriet, Caterina let out a breath, "Well," She said, turning to reach for her cigarettes and wand. Placing one between her lips, she lit it with the tip of her wand and breathed in the smoke.

"Well," Caterina said again, "Now you know what it's like to disappoint Lady Madeline Blythe and let me tell you, it's not nearly as satisfying as pleasing her." Lowering herself into the chair behind her, she crossed her legs and looked towards the hallway Madeline had disappeared down.