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 #30339  by Lucien Bilodeau
Location: New York Dockyard • Date: September 7

Lucien took a step forward, then stopped. After going through the lengthy paperwork required to dock his (seriously damaged) boat, now he had to figure out where exactly he was. Of course, he knew where he was. He just had no idea what to expect. With not much money in his pocket, Lucien had to get something to eat, find somewhere to stay, and try to repair his boat.

Easy, right?


That was why he was currently standing off to the side, trying to avoid getting in the way, feeling very out of place. This was why he always tried to avoid big cities.
 #30341  by Georgia Taylor
Georgia had waited till it was close to nightfall to head out for the evening. She'd left her payload on the docks, in an particularly unattended-seeming area, so she wasn't caught. Police were cracking down and she was happily drowning in all of the money that driving fast was getting her just for taking precious cargo from here to there. It made her smile just thinking about it.

She was on her guard, but certain that there would be no one snooping under piles of ropes at the docks, so her entire mood for the evening was over confident. That quickly changed and she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a man standing on the very dock she was heading toward, near the very pile of rope that she had hidden her several bottles of paycheck.

Totally exposed, she tried to act confident as she strolled toward this mysterious person. He could be a cop, afterall.

"'Scuse me. You seem lost," she said, hoping he would get the picture and leave the area.
 #30344  by Lucien Bilodeau
To make matters worse, it was starting to get dark. Lucien needed to find somewhere to stay for the night, and fast, since his cabin had taken a beating in the storm. He had just stuck his hands in the pockets of his overcoat when he heard the voice.

"Desolee?" he asked, forgetting where he was for a moment. "Sorry?" He was lost, but it had been rather blunt. "I am... just waiting for..." Sometimes English was hard.

He let out a sigh. "I am. Lost. I need to find a place for the night," he admitted, raising his shoulders to his ears.
 #30719  by Georgia Taylor
Georgia raised her eyebrows at the foreign word and then the accent. Maybe this guy wasn't a cop. Cops didn't speak with accents, right? She decided just to ask him. If he was a cop it was startle him, she thought. And if he wasn't... well, she could tell.

"Are you a cop?" she asked, bluntly, making sure not to look toward her payload.
 #30763  by Lucien Bilodeau
"Non! No, not a cop," Lucien replied quickly, taking it all in. Blunt. Distrustful. Worried about cops. Oh god. She was going to rob him, wasn't she?

"I have no money!" he exclaimed, spreading his arms wide. His coat was worn from years of being out at sea, and the only things of value he had with him were his fishing gear, all of which were on his boat. "Please, I don't... have anything to take."
 #31536  by Georgia Taylor
Georgia raised her eyebrows. Did this guy think she was some kind of robber or thief or something? He suddenly looked scared, and it was interesting to see such a manly, fisherman, sailor type to be scared. And he had that accent.

"I don't want anything from you. But you look like you could use a cup of coffee or something," she said, trying anything to get him away from her merchandise. If spending a few cents on a cuppa was what got him away from it, then so be it. She had the change to spare.
 #31544  by Lucien Bilodeau
Once it became clear that the woman was not going to rob him, Lucien had a moment to collect himself. If only his father could see him now, he bemoaned silently, terrified of a rough-looking woman. To try and redeem himself, he narrowed his eyes suspiciously at her. He definitely could use a cup of coffee, but wasn't sure if he trusted her enough.

"What's in it for you?" he asked, folding his arms across himself. "Do you often offer coffee to complete strangers?"
 #31559  by Georgia Taylor
Oh, now this guy was questioning her?! Who did he think he was? Her eyebrows lifted, practically into her hairline and she folded her arms across her chest in a mimic of what he was doing. "Do you often stand randomly on the docks looking like you might be there to steal things?" she asked, rather bravely for their current location, with no one around to hear anything they'd say.

"Look, do you want the coffee or not?" she quickly added, making sure to drop her tough guy voice down a notch or two.
 #31565  by Lucien Bilodeau
"I only just arrived here! I didn't know where to go!" Lucien nearly shouted, feeling quite exasperated. Was this how all people here in... he struggled to remember the name of the city... acted? He sure hoped not.

After a moment, he realized how silly he had sounded, and deflated a bit. He had no money, and was still recovering after the storm that had brought him here.

"I'll take the coffee," Lucien finally said, letting out a sigh and tugging his coat around him securely. "And then you won't have to worry about me, I'll just go find a place to stay." And if she ended up leaving him in an alley to be beaten by some big men, that was his mistake.
 #31571  by Georgia Taylor
Something about the way the man in front of her seemed to calm down a little made Georgia warm a little, even if he'd been almost yelling in defense just a moment earlier. She smiled at him, fighting the urge to link her arm with his and lead him to the little diner across the street.

"You must be cold, standing out here. You look like you were swept in on a storm. Like you're a man of the sea. Very intriguing," she said, making conversation as she guided him away from her stash and the docks. She might be tough, but she was still a woman, and there was an instinct there to care for someone who seemed to need it.
 #31574  by Lucien Bilodeau
All of a sudden, all of her toughness seemed to vanish and Lucien found himself allowing her to lead him away from the docks. At least now he had some sort of direction, and wasn't just standing around aimlessly. After all the time he had spent at sea, it was almost nice to be around another person, someone who wasn't a dockyard clerk.

"I was," he replied, shrugging. "Swept in by a storm, I mean. I'm a fisherman, and the storm came on so quickly. I didn't even know where I was until I started filling out paperwork," he explained, tugging at the lapels of his coat. "It's been an interesting day. I'm Lucien, by the way. Lucien Bilodeau." He stopped walking, sticking out his hand. He may be a man of the sea, but his mother had taught him manners.
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Georgia was surprised that he was actually a fisherman blown in by the sea. It must have been some storm out there if it took him from someplace with an accent to there in New York. New Yorkers had no accents as far as she was concerned.

She looked at his hand and then back up at his eyes as she reached her hand out as well, offering him a firm handshake. "Georgie. Well, Georgia. Georgia Taylor. That's some trip you've been on," she commented. "You hungry too?" The least she could do was feed him at this point. She'd almost forgotten about her shipment too.
 #31581  by Lucien Bilodeau
"Enchanté, Georgia," Lucien replied, arching an eyebrow at her grip. Interesting. He managed a small grin, walking on. "It really was. I'm quite far from home," he explained, sneaking a sideways glance at her.

His stomach chose that exact moment to rumble. "Apparently I'm very hungry," he added with a sheepish tone, putting a hand over his stomach. "Sorry to inconvenience you..."
 #31583  by Georgia Taylor
Georgia felt her cheeks heat up when Lucien used French. At least, she was pretty sure it was French. Whatever it was, it was fancy and she liked it. "Don't worry, I've got you covered," she said, listening to his stomach growl. He must have been at sea for a long time to be that hungry. What did fishermen even eat? Just fish? She hoped not.

"So, where are you from?" she asked, stopping in front of the little restaurant and looking inside the window before she opened the door, just to make sure that no one too interesting would be there to spot her.
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Lucien also stopped and looked in the window of the restaurant, although for him it was because he hadn't been to a proper restaurant in a long time. There wasn't much time for him to go into town when he was at home, and he spent most of his time out on the water. He quickly followed her in, glancing at her when she asked her question.

"A small fishing village in Nova Scotia," he said, then clarified after a pause. "In Canada. I've never actually been in a city like this," he said, gesturing at the buildings. That was a slight lie, as he had been to Halifax, but not since before the explosion. "There's not a lot of money for fishermen back home." That part was the sad truth. "And you're from... here, I'm guessing?"