A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #30205  by Caterina Rothwell
Caterina chuckled as she straightened the skirt of her dress. She then reached for her boots, “Well I had planned on it just being you and I, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m sure Madeline would love to join us.” Though Caterina already knew that the English woman would protest until the very last minute. Madeline obviously liked Harriet, but she was still a quiet and private person and dining with others was not something she did very often.
 #30217  by Harriet Doran
"That sounds lovely, but," she emphasized as she took her dressing gown and wrapped it around herself. Harriet slid closer to her guest. She put her hand on Cat's waist. "Maybe we omit to invite her and forgo dinner altogether."
 #30223  by Caterina Rothwell
Covering Harriet's hand with her own, she stepped closer to the blonde and titled her head to the side, "I like you Harriet, truly. I find you very...refreshing and I would be lying if I didn't find you incredibly alluring, but I love Madeline and the time we spend together is very precious to me." In other words, Caterina, if forced to choose, she would pick her neighbour, her lover, her best friend over the blonde woman standing in front of her time and time again. She would choose Madeline over everyone, even Diana, a woman she had known her whole life.

"You need to understand how...rare the invitations we extend to you are," She continued, "I have said it many times, but Madeline is a very private person, and I do not like upsetting her." And inviting Harriet to join them for dinner would surely upset the brunette, at least at the start. Eventually Madeline would settle, and Caterina planned on informing the woman that they would have a guest beforehand. "I would like you to join us, an so would she."
 #30226  by Harriet Doran
Harriet nodded gently and pulled away. At least Caterina's rebuff had the merit of being clear. Caterina's interest in her was mostly through her friend's eyes. A friend who would always come first. As Harriet had little time to commit to someone, this arrangement suited her.

"I shall see the two of you on Saturday then." She smiled gently.
 #30236  by Caterina Rothwell
Sharing a rather heated kiss with Harriet before she left, Caterina found herself nibbling on her lower lip as she left the bar and made her way to the alley on the side of the building. She stopped when she passed a dumpster and then stepped into the shadows. Pulling her wand from her sleeve, she sucked in a breath, and began to recall the interior of her home. It was just as she felt an uncomfortable pull at her naval that she watched as a man stepped from the shadows across from her. Tussio Accorsi looked right at her as she was whisked away.