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Location: Harriet's Home • Date: June
Time of Day: Early Morning • Weather: Dry and hot.

It was a little past midnight when Caterina finally fell asleep. She had slept soundly, which was surprising considering she usually struggled when she wasn't in her own bed. Though she had near collapsed in share exhaustion after Harriet had had her fill; apparently she'd greatly underestimated the blondes stamina.

She slept about five hours, waking when the sun crept through the curtains, penetrating her lids with it's sharp rays. Caterina stretched and yawned, then turned onto her side to gaze at her bed mate. Harriet was partially wrapped in the duvet with one, long leg sticking out that was half bent towards her and an arm reached across the space between them, not quite touching her, but almost. It made it herself fondly as memories from the previous night filled her head.

Her smile disappeared however when she spotted a streak of purple and blue marring the skin on Harriet's neck. Frowning, she edged closer as she tried to remember whether things had become...more physical than she remembered last night. Running a finger ever so gently across the marks, careful not to wake the blonde, Harriet studied the bruises.

What had happened? Harriet had been wearing a scarf last night and they hadn't turned the lights on when they'd come to her room, so she wasn't surprised that she'd missed this, but that didn't stop her from wondering. From worrying.
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Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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As suspected, Cat had been a great distraction. When Harriet had finally collapsed on her bed next to her bedmate, she had easily let herself go to the ebbing caress of slumber. Her respite had been short, soon a ghost-like pressure was felt on her neck and she had been wide awake. She had laid immobile, looking at the ceiling, desperately clinging to memories of the past evening hoping it might appease her and send her back to sleep.

Close to 5 her eyes had become heavy and she had finally given in to light sleep. A slumber that abandoned her as the feeling of being watched crept up on her. "Hi," she mumbled, though she tried to smile.
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"Hi," Caterina replied, letting herself fall into lazy habits. She hadn't greeted anybody with a simple 'hi' in a very long time, but Harriet wasn't Madeline, wasn't Garret, she was just a simple woman who wasn't expecting Caterina to fall into roles so early in the morning.

Circling a particular purple spot on Harriet neck, the mark looking almost like a thumb print, Cat shifted closer, "What happened?" She murmured quietly as she slipped a leg between Harriet's own.
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Realizing she had been caught, Harriet offered a wavering smile. "Nothing to worry about." Moving her shoulder she attempted to subtly remove Cat's hand from her nervous windpipes.

Her thighs tightened their hold around Catherina's leg. They had agreed to a single night, but Harriet wasn't above arguing that the night only ended once they had gotten out of bed. With a firm hand on Cat's hip, she pulled her closer.
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Had Caterina not seen the marks on the blondes throat, and how they very much resembled a four fingers and a thumb, the redhead would have gladly indulged Harriet, but she had seen the marks, the blue and purple prints, and she had no intention on pretending like she hadn't.

Placing her other hand on Harriet's shoulder, she kept her at bay with a subtle pressure, "Harriet, did someone hurt you?"
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Harriet licked her lips and sighed. She could lie and tell the story of a drunk patron who had misguidedly attacked her, but she knew Harriet was smart enough to see through her deceit.

"I defied Tussio and he gave me a warning," she whispered as if he might be listening at the door.
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Stroking the skin on Harriet's neck, Caterina frowned and her bottom lip disappeared between her teeth. She remained quiet for a little while as she watched her thumb brush against the spots of color marring the delicate skin beneath her hand.

"I'm sorry," She whispered, leaning in and kissing along the woman's jaw. "Are you safe? Do you need somewhere to stay?"
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Tussio's threats had scared her. When her vision had started blurring, she had been tempted to give in and lean into to dulcet slumber that had been beaming at her. His message had been loud and clear. Harriet knew the man had moved on as soon as he had felt that he had been understood, yet there was a lingering fear.

Unnerved by the fingers against her neck, she took Caterina's hand and lowered it down towards her chest. However, she did allow her friend to press her lips along her jawline. "I'm fine," she breathed as she attempted to cling to Caterina for a distraction. "But now you understand why I can't get closer to Lady Blythe," she added before she kissed Cat's shoulder.
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Despite herself, Caterina found herself nodding. Harriet wasn't a dangerous person, not by any means, but she worked with incredibly dangerous people and involving Madeline in that when she barely knew about Caterina's intentions in the first place, was not fair.

"Your're right," Cat said, sitting up and pulling the sheet with her. She wrapped it around herself as she stood and made her way to the vanity sitting across from Harriet's bed, "Though I hope you'll still allow me the pleasure of seeing you two interact. Madeline doesn't have very many friends, and I wonder sometimes whether she gets lonely."
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She pushed her pillow against the headboard, rested her hands behind her head and watched ruefully as her bedmate got ready to leave. "I enjoy her company and I think she enjoys mine. I'm not against seeing her again, I just don't think we should take things further," as she spoke she remembered how insistent Caterina had been the previous night. "Why were you so invested in getting us together?" It had been surprising to hear Caterina's investment in the little spark she had shared with Madeline.
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Caterina placed her foot on the seatee and rolled her nude pair of stockings up one leg, then she proceeded to do so with the other. If it took her a little longer than it should have to slip into the undergarments, neither of the women said anything.

"Madeline isn't someone who lets people in very easily. She keeps to herself, and part of that has to do with her life before New York, but it also has to do with how much she trusts people." Caterina looked at Harriet as she clipped her stockings to her thigh highs, she then reached for her corset, slipping it over the chemise she wore beneath. There was no need to put everything on as she would be apparating home as soon as she left the club. She licked her lips, "Madeline is a private person. Her family did not take her sexual preferences very well. Her father forced her to leave her home country and she has..." She trailed off, unsure how much she wanted to tell Harriet. She had already probably said too much, but if Harriet genuinely cared for Madeline, these were things she needed to know. "If she didn't like you, she would have left as soon as you seen us kissing."

Pulling on the strings of her corset, she sucked in a breath, "If you remain in her life, you will soon realize how...addicting it is pleasing her and...you please her." She left the so unspoken.
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There was an intriguing eroticism in watching her bedmate as she got dressed. Absorbed by Caterina's movements, Harriet did her best to pay attention to the woman's words.

"I did enjoy playing the piano and singing with her," she admitted with a slight smile. "Would you like help with that?" Harry pointed at Cat's corset.
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The redhead shook her head as she eyed Harriet, "I'm fine," She replied, managing to slip the strings into the eye hooks before she pulled on them again. She did this every morning, and she took great pride in being able to dress herself without the help of someone else. Madeline might still have her lady maid to help her, but Diana would laugh in her face if she ever asked her to do such a thing. Diana was not her maid, hadn't been for years.

Tying off her corset, she reached for her dress, her nose scrunching in discomfort as the boning on her side pinched her skin, "Is that all you enjoyed?" She asked, a slight smirk on her face.
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Thinking she was being called out for her obvious enjoyment of Caterina's morning routine, Harriet feigned innocence. Her smirk faded slightly when she realized it was her attraction to Madeline that was being called out. "I cannot deny that the woman has beautiful blue eyes," she relented innocently.

Realizing she too had to get out of bed, she rolled to her side and accioed a towel from the lavatory. She wrapped it around herself and sat at the foot of her bed.
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Caterina let out a guffaw, not even attempting to hide her laughter, "Yes, yes she does have beautiful eyes." She conceded, though they both knew that wasn't the only beautiful thing about Madeline Blythe. She was the the definition of beauty, and Caterina still found herself in awe whenever she was in the woman's presence.

Pulling her dress over her head, she started to do the buttons up that ran down the side of it, "Come for dinner this Saturday?"