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[New York] People of Subtle Greed

Harriet Doran, Merlin's Nightclub

Magical ★ Manager
Location: Harriet's Home • Date: 1926
Time of Day: Sunny • Weather: Late morning

Once Tussio had left, Harriet had locked her office door and she had ignored the incessant stream of knocks that had rattled against it. She had no intention of being seen in this state and trusted that Daphne would be able to take care of any emergencies that could arise. Once the club had closed, the crowd had dispersed and the employees had left Harriet had scurried out of the club and had taken the stairs that led to her home.

Knowing that any attempt at sleeping would be futile, Harriet picked a bottle from her late husband's personal reserve and filled a glass to the brim. Sitting in the study rather than the sitting room, her mind drifted towards the many nights she and her husband had spent going over the club's books. It had been where their first kiss had occurred, their first fight as well as their last. While they had never lived extravagantly, they had eventually made enough money to live comfortably.

Their status could easily be surmised when one stepped inside their home. High ceilings, rich wooden panels on the walls, paintings of up and coming local artists, even the upholstered chairs was a hint of their success. Since her husband had passed, Harriet had become a tad more modest in her decor; choosing to invest in finer pleasures than art.

Having lost track of time and her thoughts, Harriet was surprised to realize that someone was knocking on her door. Cautiously, she made her way out of the study and into the hallway, she pressed her ear against the door, almost expecting to hear Tussio Accorsi's dreadful laugh. As she was greeted with silence, she chose to open the door, but not before she quickly tied a satin scarf around her bruised neck.

She opened the door slowly and greeted her guest with a rather somber expression and the smell of incense mixed with a wif of strong liquor.
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Caterina Rothwell, Wizarding World Today

Magical ★ Board of Directors • Executive Chairman
It had been awhile since she had seen Harriet, nearly two months in fact, so when she visited Merlin's Nightclub three days ago, Caterina was all too happy to accept the woman's invitation to lunch. The Wizarding World Today had consumed most of her free time, so much that she hadn't even been able to have her usual Friday dinners with Madeline. Thankfully her neighbor hadn't been too upset with her, and they had been able to enjoy a lovely evening together yesterday.

Cat had mentioned to Madeline about her dinner date this evening, and her dear friend had simply smiled. Caterina had witnessed the connection Madeline and Harriet had, and she was almost disappointed that the English woman hadn't reacted further. She had half hoped the woman would request to join them, but of course Madeline was a Lady, and she was far too polite for that.

So Caterina came alone, the rain falling around her as the repelling charm she had cast did it's job. Her shoes were slightly wet, but that was nothing a drying charm couldn't fix once she got inside. She had thought about bringing some sort of dessert, but had decided against when she remembered Harriet's insistence that she only bring herself. Diana had had the morning off anyhow and Caterina wasn't sure traveling downtown for something sweet was reasonable in this weather, even if she apparated.

Moving through the club to the stairwell the barkeep had directed her to, it only took her a minute to reach the top of the stairs where a green with rich arabesque running through it greeted her.

She knocked gently, her toes starting to feel more than a little cold.
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Harriet Doran, Merlin's Nightclub

Magical ★ Manager
She opened the door slowly and greeted her guest with a rather somber expression and the smell of incense mixed with a wif of strong liquor. A little confused when she noticed who was standing on the other side, Harriet's fingers drummed against the doorframe. "We are meeting for lunch aren't we?" She chuckled humourlessly, she had been looking forward to spending time with Caterina, but it seemed that recent worries had tainted her mood. "I forgot, I am sorry. Come in Caterina," she gestured for the woman to join her inside. Perhaps Caterina's presence would be reassuring, perhaps it would allow her to think about something other than her latest anguish.