A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

Guides and resources created to help you find friends and have fun here ate Vault 713, including; the new player handbook, player & community self-help resources, and useful terms and phrases
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Welcome to Vault713
We're so glad you chose us as your Harry Potter roleplaying website. Vault 713 has been around since 2001 and has always provided players with a premier roleplaying experience. Our welcoming community makes sure that every player counts and won't get lost in the shuffle of our player base and history. If you'd like to find your perfect Vault 713, use our Find Your Vault Magic page!

The Basics
Like with any new roleplaying site, make sure to take a look and familiarize yourself with our Rules & Guidelines.

Here are some quick facts about us!
• We are canon to the Harry Potter books, including Fantastical Beasts.
• We welcome members of all writing and language abilities.
• We have zero word count minimums across all of our forums.
• We use BBCode exclusively, and do not have post template requirements.
• We are LGBTQA+ inclusive!

We also have 7 incredible timelines to play in!
• Founders - set in the 990s, focused on the Hogwarts Founders and the medieval world
• Victorian - set in the 1890s, focused on a time of increased scrutiny into the magical world
• Expedition - set in the 1920s, focused on the world during the rise of Grindelwald
• Marauder - set in the 1980s, focused on the Order of Phoenix and first war
• Golden - set in the 1990s, focused on Harry Potter’s adventures at Hogwarts
• Reformation - set in the 2000s, focused on the struggles of a post-war world
• Legacy - set in the 2020s, focused on the collision of the magical and the mundane

The Vault, its staff, and its players are honored to have you here and we can't wait to see how you make your own magic within our forums!
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The Joining Checklist
> Register your OOC account
> Join our Discord (optional)
> Check out our current Wanted Ads (optional)
> Use our character creation resources: Creation Guide, Character Types, Business Directory
> Register your character account as ‘First Last’ e.g. Harry Potter
  • Please ensure you use the same email as your OOC account to enable quick account switching
  • Certain characters, such as apostrophes, will be added by staff during sorting. Please register without them and specify in your sheet
> Pick your sheet using the options on this page
> Post the sheet code in either the WIP Section or the Creation Section
> A member of staff will review your sheet and offer further guidance if required
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Whilst You Wait
Want something to do before you get to plotting? We got you covered! And as always, all questions are welcome in the Help Desk or in the #help channel!

Here are some things to do in the meantime!
> Post a player profile here
> Jump into the OOC forums
> Start a thread in the Sandbox or post original work in the Solo Storytelling section
> Check out our Template Repository for great codes made by members
> Hang out with us in Discord
> Take a look at our Resource Library for more information
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Jump In
So, you've made your character and you're looking to get into some threads. Become familiar with your primary era's current plot by looking at our plot information. Then hop into the appropriate Fixed Timeline forum to have fun!

We recommend putting up a character profile so that other players can learn more about your character as they make their journey through Vault 713. And last but not least, feel free to make a thread in the Connection Classifieds to work out what kinds of friends, co-workers, or other relationships your character might have with others!