A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #33050  by Laioken
He was painter what could one say he was to a commission another art pieces. But he did the work but he had mysterious disappear in the middle night. What could one say? He had woke up that is on farm and he nearly frighten some wife. He explain to her the problem that he been having trouble with sleeping walking.

She had felt sorry for him and he had given her some clothes and she had given him chain for his sleeping condition. Then she heard her scream he went to investigate that he had kill the cattle. He explain might some wild dog on the loss. She had agree that it must been wild animal.

That is he was on way that is traveling again this time he end up at tavern that is he bought room. He had start on painting it was unicorn painting it was almost basic by memories on what he saw and the other stuff was pure stuff what happen if people knew about unicorn he did not talk about it. When tender asked where he got his idea it was from dreams and imagination. It was what he had but yet tonight he had felt tonight it was not full moon where he was. He did do painting basic it was what everyone want that is they did not unicorn self portrait and other boring stuff. He just found that boring and he look unicorn painting he had done he felt something was missing but he did not know what it could be.