A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #31813  by Elswyth
Location: Outside Hogwarts • Date: October 19

Elswyth glanced behind her furtively, then continued running. She had really done it this time. She had stolen some scrolls from one of the teachers so she could practice reading, only to find out that they contained information about highly advanced magic. Of course, she hadn't figured that out on her own. The teacher had come out of his study in an outrage, and she had overheard from her room. That had been when she had grabbed some gold coins from one of the other students' bags and dashed out.

Now she was a short distance from the keep, not stopping. She knew the teacher would know it had been her, especially since she had left the scrolls behind. If she was caught, she would be in huge trouble. Maybe she would be kicked out of Hogwarts.