[Hogwarts] Stop, Thief!

Location: Hogwarts Courtyard • Date: January 26

After being at the school for a couple of months, Elswyth was starting to get over her fear of magic. She still refused to do anything for the teachers, but at least she didn't duck out of sight whenever someone cast a spell near her. In the meantime, she had continued to be as much of a menace as possible to the older students and the teachers themselves.

In the courtyard, she had just stopped running after swiping a ring from someone's room. She couldn't help herself. It was just so shiny and she knew she would be able to sell it in the next village. Breathing heavily, she glanced around, calculating her next move.
"The Lord does not look kindly upon thieves," a quiet voice said from a nearby pillar. Eaga was watching her, his face completely unreadable.

Re: [Hogwarts] Stop, Thief!

The child jumped, glancing over her shoulder. "I din't thieve nothing," she countered, holding up her hands. Nothing was in them, of course. The ring was safely stowed in a hidden pocket she had sewn into the hem of her dress. If the teachers were going to make her wear a dress, she would make full use of it.

"An' I ain't afraid of no lord," she added, putting on a brave face. Now she was starting to recognize who it was, and she knew she needed to be careful.
"Only fools and sinners fear the Lord God," he replied calmly. "Only..." Eaga pulled himself from the pillar, taking a few steps towards Elswyth, "you strike me as neither a fool nor much of a sinner. The ring isn't worth your while," he added, glancing at her dress. "The owner placed a tracking spell on it. You will be found out and you will be expelled."

Eaga looked Elswyth over in mild interest, and held out his hand. "As it happens, the ring belongs to me. Return it to me, and I will show you how to get more money, if that is what you need.......or more valuable trinkets, if that is what you want."