What is now modern day Scotland, this kingdom is home to one of the oldest known schools of witchcraft and wizardry, which was established in 991.
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[Hogwarts] Rainy Day

Eardwulf the Archer, Hogwarts School

Magical ★ Advanced Level • Gryffindor
Location: Hogwarts Great Hall • Date: Sept 3

Eardwulf sat at a window, staring outside. It was pouring with rain, which meant his sparring match with Gryffindor had been cancelled. Instead, he had been assigned reading a scroll with offensive magic spells.

Reading hurt his eyes, though, which was why he was now letting the candle burn down (on the table across from him, of course) as he stared out the window, watching the rain come down. It was a miserable day, he thought. Just miserable.

Played By: TyrellRose