A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #24259  by Andoniaina
A young and spry looking hyena ran across the sandy plains, paws kicking up dust as it sprinted ferociously. Nothing could stop it...apart from the fact it had been bolting like this for hours at full speed. And after a further few short minutes, the creature began to tire and weather, legs beginning to shake, and speed beginning to slow.

Soon, it was at a pace, and then a plodding walk. And before long, the hyena fell to its knees and began shift and morph. The grey fur darkened and smoothed over, legs beginning to lengthen until finally a human form made itself present. Within the sand, Andoniaina heaved, close to sickness from the exhaustion. She forced herself up onto her elbows, looking across the plains, seeing what looked like a little human settlement in the distance.

Was it human? A possible lunch? Was it even real? Whatever it was, she began to crawl toward it.

All Aina did know was that she had to find cover quickly before the sun came up; if not, she would surely burn to death in the direct sunlight.
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