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Weekly News Brief ⋆ 19 May 1996

PostPosted:19 May 2019, 15:57
by In The News
Weekly News Brief
Week of 19 May 1996
The Daily Prophet
Hogwarts Exam Projections

It has been a wildly successful year at Hogwarts. Professor Dolores Umbridge has brought her exceptional teaching methods to the school and educational analysts project that OWL and NEWT exam results will be higher than ever.

Students have been taught, for the first year ever, a strict and standardized curriculum set by the Ministry of Magic, and professors have had their teaching observed and corrected. The Ministry remains confident that students will benefit from this new approach and we will see results.

OWL and NEWT exams will be administered later this month.

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Re: Weekly News Brief ⋆ 19 May 1996

PostPosted:19 May 2019, 16:04
by Dolores Umbridge
Dolores tipped her sweetened tea as she read over the words for the fifth time that hour. Finally, the world was recognising what an incredible influence she was to the children. It filled her chest with pride. Ah, and all this time, those poor unfortunate children were simply misguided with fables and misinformation.

But she knew the right way. And she was certain that the minister would recognise her value through this.

Re: Weekly News Brief ⋆ 19 May 1996

PostPosted:21 May 2019, 22:14
by Markus Green
The paper ended up in the fire, a bemused expression on the Ravenclaw. Umbridge had simply created terror and she was being recognized for it? He feared for this world if such things could happen, and his grades for once was far from his mind. He was just glad no one had died, something he was sure would happen halfway through the year - when the pink blob really got nasty.

He picked back up his book, putting the blanket back over his legs before choosing to forget what he'd just translated into braille. Waste of a translation in his mind, but what was done...was done.