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[warning: sensitive topics may be in this thread.]

The scene was one out of a horror movie, pitch black night; the moon abandoning Japans night sky, kid tied up in car and two men beside him as he fought. Anyone walking by might think it was a kidnapping- and in reality it was. Only difference was the person getting said child was a good man wanting to give said child a better life. Rokuro should have really gone through proper channels...given that his intentions were on the positive side.

Why the kid tied up, should it be positive? Well.... Markus, the other personality had bitten one of the men trying to help. Shinji really had been given no other options. He waited, watching with focused eyes as an old style Japanese ‘car’ pulled up.
‘You know, if you really wanted to not totally freak out the kid... you could have not showed your age...’ he mused in the back of his head, arms folded as it stopped.

Walking up to the buggy, he watched as the vampire got off the front seat; the horse tearing up as he stepped closer.
“I don’t even want to know how to managed the streets of Hokkaido in a buggy.” He nodded to the car.
“He’s a lot like your horses; spooked.” He said simply. “Takayama-San thanks you for your information.”
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Stepping of the front seat of the buggy, he peered back once it look at the things he’s brought; tokens of friendship he called them. At least... that was until Shinji said that the kid was spooked. Suddenly the said items were becoming truce making objects.
“And what makes you,” he paused. “Mark should be one child.” He sensed two personalities. The look on the other guys face was priceless.

“Are you giving me two?” He demanded.
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He smirked, this man was in for a big shock. There was indeed one child but...
“One child, if you could call him that. He’s a bit old for adoption.... but two personalities.” He directed the man to the car instantly seeing the anger on the mans face once seeing how said child was transported. He had to admit, the look on a vampires face was far from comforting.
“Relax.” He said opening up the car door.

The men in the back carefully walked the child out as best as they could and started undoing the rope on the hands.
“Markus, the one present bit one of my men on their hands. I had to do something to protect my own. Like I said... he’s spooked.” He explained the vampire relaxing a bit.

“Markus, this is Rokuro a Batsu great grandfather...times ten. Rokuro... this is Markus, lovely young man as you can see.” He had to get one last nudge in. He’d already explained genesis’s connection to their group and how he was taking him to someone safe... not that it has done any good.
“He should explain the rest, as it’s really not my job.”

He’d done his part. The kid was here in one piece...and they had their information. The trade was done. Well almost.
“Now can I undo the immobility or are you going to run?”
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To say he was mad... Livid was an understatement. He was doing two things, fighting off the idiots who thought it was a good idea to take him from his poorly decorated room filled with books in the middle of the night.... and doing everything in his power to keep Mark calm. The men were not friendly, and as the car stopped he feared their “leader” as it seemed to him leaving made him fear even more for his life. It really didn’t calm him down when a vampire started talking to the blonde.

He shrugged away the men best he could with the spell in place, if you could call it shrugging them off and glared at the group, mark crying in their mind rooms.
‘Mark.... calm down... I’ll handle it...’ he tried to assure the mentally younger one. Nodding at the blondes request he didn’t run, the name Batsu having gotten his attention.
“Don’t you think the Batsu family has done enough?” He sneered.

Genesis had gotten himself killed, he’d escaped into a death eater wonderland. To say he was glad to be back in his excuse for a ‘home’ was an understatement. At least no death eaters roamed in his room.
“Take me home, if this is in fact my choice as you said in the car.” He was over and done with the Batsu family, ignoring marks hopeful ideas of this man being kind.
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He had to admit silently that he was losing the prospect of ages and times. 15 to 17 was still a child in his eyes, yet in the time he had lived they would have already been adults by the age of 12, working on the farms and training for their titles within the samurai clans. Oh how times had changed, no. How his mind had changed.

Anger filled his mind when he looked inside the car, and before he could bite the yakuza members head off he was quickly given an explanation. Putting himself in the child’s shoes he grew an understanding of why the child was acting out, and once again he was glad for this man going through the trouble.
“I do apologize for his actions, if there is anything I can do-“ only before he could finish his expression of gratitude Markus spoke up, cutting him off.

Batsus done enough...he sighed.
“I am not my great grandson,” he said, not feeling the need to age ten or so greats in the title.
“It will not happen again, I do however feel rather lonely in this world...would you not like to have someone to call family? Someone you can depend on?” He asked. “ I can be that.”
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He’d silently wondered if the kid had understood that... as he took a chunk out of Chouji’s hand... he watched as the vampire both calmed down and began to thank him only for the kid to finally open his mouth once he’d lifted the spell. He rolled his eyes silently watching the pair.

It was only once the kid turned back to him he laughed,
“I said you were free to not go with this man. I never said you were going to be able to go home.” Because if they allowed that... they could be in a mess. The kid could claim he was kidnapped.
“This man is offering you a roof over your head, and a life off the streets. I highly suggest you take it.” He said simply.

“Be lucky he’s not like mr. Nakamura, now that might be a rougher fit... you’d actually have to earn your right to stay.” He smirked, his men getting back into the car.

“The rest of this is yours, I’ll take my leave.” He paused looking towards the kid,
“Your magically branded. You leave japan... well know about it. The choice is yours.” He said, getting into the car and shutting his door without another word before pulling off.
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This vampire wasn’t normal, a normal vampire would take what he wanted... be it victim or mate... though by his wording he was wanting neither from him and Mark. A family? He was wanting a family? Was he nuts?!

“I don’t think you understand the concept-“ he started, already planning on getting back in the car. Untied this time. That was until Shinji dashed those hopes.
“What?- you mean..” he raced to the car before it sped off missing it by a mile as it went into air mode.
“Wait!” Though the car was gone leaving him with the vampire.

‘Markus....’ Marks word appeared in his head. Well... this one would be hard to fix, he just hoped mark wasn’t picking up on his panic.
‘... let me figure something out...’ he replied in his head turning.
“You let me return to school, at the very least I should finish my education.” Hed just... not come back when break was over.

Nor did he understand why he wanted to go back. With death eaters in the rise....
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Concept of what? He watched as the young man tried to go for the car thinking about what he had just said. As the vampire looked at the buggy he inwardly sighed. He hadn't expected this to be smooth but... to see the child try to get back into a care filled with Yakuza men had shocked him a bit.

He watched as the kid faced him, something behind his eyes hinting to a plot. Plot or not, the child had a point when it came to schooling. He wasn't planning on turning him, he'd never become a vampire and travel for decades. He'd need skills to work in society, and school was probably the best place for it. The vampire unaware the death eater situation was getting as bad as it was nodded.
"Obviously you won't be deprived of education. We'll talk to Mr. Takayama about that trace." He smiled.

In the mean time...he'd be buttering the boy up to like him in hopes that would make him willing to come back once it was taken off. What he didn't know was the fact it wouldn't be taken of, simply rearranged.
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"Mr. Takayama?" He paused, the hand on his back making him want to itch. He moved closer to the buggy playing along. "Is that the prick that planned this?" He said - not really feeling to appreciative. True him and his father didn't et along....to the point of being violent at times. Yes he was aware this wasn't normal. But he knew how to deal with it- the mess Genesis had dragged him into he hadn't known how to deal with.

And he wasn't about to try that again. Mark probably wouldn't survive it and Markus wasn't willing to deal with it again. Simple as that. Buttering him up would really be a task this vampire was going to have to work on.
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Helping the boy into the back where he ad five box's of things, five boxes due to the fact the boy would have nothing with him when he arrived he sighed. The inside of the buggy was lined with old Japanese cloth, the bench having a cushion over it, thin but thick enough for some comfort.
"I requested it, do not blame Mr. Takayama." He calmly spoke.

The buggy temporarily lowered under his weight as he got into the front.
"Genesis Batsu, my great...great and so on grandson made quite a mess. My plan was to take you and Prue from him...only you were able to find. I am sorry for that." He explained. "Do know I have no involvement with this Chinese group, you are completely safe with me."

He paused,
"Were you not in school? Why were you home?" He asked. "If I may ask how is England?" For it have been months since he'd been back.
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He blinked, feeling like he was going back in time. The chests even were about four centuries older than what they had in his era. This man truely didn't mix in well with the new generation. Sneering a bit at the idea that Takayama wasn't to blame, he looked towards the front of the buggy.
"I'll decide who I'm safe with..." His voice not holding much of a bite. He'd have to play it cool if he wanted his plans to work.

"I have no clue." He leaned back, his interest in the chests gone. "My parents wanted to suddenly play caring and loving parents. I was to go back next week." He half lied. He knew very well how bad England was...but his father had just recently talked his mom into sending him back to school as well. And he was due back next week.
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"You really safe in hogwarts?" He looked back, watching the boy lean back in the buggy. Turning back on the road he had lost interest in getting the boy excited about the new items. His main concern was why parents were keeping their kids home.

Flashes to his era came back at him like a punch in the face, as clans went after another. Groups of men killing for no reason. He'd heard a few rumors about these men that sounded a lot like those same groups.
"Trust me or don't trust me, but do know I've seen a lot of things in my life." He paused looking out the corner of his eye.
"How safe is it Markus? Is Mark safe?" He said assuming Mark was the muscle, At least that's the attitude her wanted to show.

"Mark, what's he like?"
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It was like this vampire knew he was lying...He had to keep up the ploy though...or he wasn't making it out of Japan. This man seemed to care, and while he didn't trust him...he had a feeling this mans concern was legit. Be it if he really wanted a family...or a blood source if this man found out England was over run his plan would fail.
"My friends are returning, that should say something." He said simply.

Friends? he had no friends...but...he had to pretend to save his life. Or at least he thought he was protecting his life.
"Think of a five year old, with the information of an adult." He muttered his foot messing with the lid of one of the box's. He was silently hoping this vampire couldn't get into his mind.
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Nodding his mind grew in concern, Wondering if England was really the best place for anyone. Woman, man or child.

Smiling he looked back, noting the growing interest in the box's
"There yours. Feel free to look." He calmly said, "I've purchased a house in a little town...for when were in Japan. I'd love to show you my old town, but I cant go their anymore. In fact were banned once turning." He explained.

"I'd like to meet him...when...you feel it's safe." he said lightly.
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"Banned?" He looked over, his fingertip still on the lid of one of the old box's....chests really. Mark explaining the vampire of the Jiang clan...the vampires not the leader of the white monkeys he nodded. Other then the kid knowing too much running through his mind... he was glad to have the know it all for once.
"Ah, I see." He looked back to the box. "So your a vampire forced from your home...and wanting a family." this time his tone had a bite. "What makes you think Genesis's adopted children are the way to go for this means? While being with a vampire doesn't go well for blending in...I don't look Japanese." He reasoned.

"So we'll have a Japanese vampire and an English kid. Won't look a bit out of place." Sarcasm now in his tone.