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 #40161  by Rokuro no Batsu
He smiled,
"Because young one, I might be walking and talking but I've been not considered a member of society for a long time. I can't do what you can." He admitted.

If he was willing...."You mean information on Jiang don't you? You want revenge. I'm willing, Though Japan and China were not close at all during that time I might have some information."
 #40162  by Shiro Takayama
Society...such a off way of putting it. One shadow talking to another, the only difference being of age.
"The Yakuza, magical division or muggle are shadows themselves. Hidden from society, that's not a good reason...but I do have some ties." He admitted.

He nodded,
"You can separate truth and legend correct?" He said pulling a book from the bookshelf. The book in Japanese having the legend of Jiang and his armies of the past filled within them.
"If we can simply separate truth from fiction...we might be able to track down some locations."

He sat back down,
"You do that...I'll help you get the kid. That's if you indeed do know the location." He finished. "Now if you don't mind leaving my office...."
 #40163  by Rokuro no Batsu
He'd finally made some headway, the book in front of him and the orders given. Were those orders?....no they weren't. He could ignore them, go on with his life. This was a deal, nothing more. Taking the book he nodded,
"I will do my best." He smiled, standing up.

"Thank you." He said, though he heard the cough and turned.
 #40164  by Shiro Takayama
"Maim my men again...and we'll not be making any deals." he warned remembering the guys in the hallway. He'd have to figure out which one had invited the guy in...but for now...it was time to defend the innocent idiots knocked out by said man.
"Is that understood?"
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 #40166  by Shiro Takayama
He nodded, half tempted to make a comment about his first line. He thought better of it, as much as this deal was important to Rokuro....the information was important to him.
"Good." He said, letting the vampire finally leave. Opening back open the file he got to work as the door closed behind vampire. He'd let Shinji figure out the men in the hallway.