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Voldemort's rise to power seems inevitable and the future seems bleak, but now that Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs have finished their schooling they can join the fight.
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 #31587  by In The News
Weekly News Brief
Week of 13 October, 1978
Daily Prophet
Working Class Outrage
The Minister for Magic has passed a new law controlling wages and hours for part time employees, and this is causing outrage across England.

One of the affected workers is Zonko’s employee Christian Alonso, who has been a part time stock clerk for four years. Now, his hours are being cut and he is unable to provide for his wife and four children.

Alonso is planning to attend a protest taking place on October 28 in Diagon Alley. Until then, he has picked up a second job at a muggle coffee shop to ensure that his family can eat.

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