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 #23390  by In The News
The Daily Prophet

Volume M4 Issue #2 ★ 10 March 1978

Dear Wanda,

I'm in my 6th year of Hogwarts (Gryffindor, the best house, duh). NEWTs are coming up, and I'm scared. I spent all year being confident that I can do the exams, but after my flop in the OWLs, I don't know how to even begin making a start. I have to revise the old stuff, and yet go to lessons to learn all the new things too! It's impossible!

I took ‘Care of Magical Creatures’ because I thought it would be easy - that was a dang mistake. Turns out I'm afraid of most creatures, so I'm definitely not going to pass the practical part of the exams - and with the way I'm struggling with remembering stuff, I'm going to fail the theory too. I can't get another Troll mark!!

Please help me.
Desperate For An E

Dear Desperate For An E,

School studies and exams are always hard, believe me, I know. People deal with the stress and pressure in different ways, but there’s not ‘right’ way to handle it. If you know that you are not enjoying a subject, perhaps ask to do something that you really enjoy, even if on paper it seems a little harder. You will likely find that you will excel more if you have a genuine interest in the subject.

Other advice I can offer involve a little more effort, I’m afraid. But it’s all about motivation. It sounds like you’re struggling a bit with procrastination, which is a difficult habit to get out of. I would suggest finding a study group to help motivate you, and making short-term goals to meet. You’ll likely find that the more you achieve along the way, the more you will want to do to continue that progress.

It may be a good idea to experiment with new ways of learning - sometimes, studying can seem hard because it isn’t the way your learn, and everybody is different! Revise in a way that makes you remember; it could be making notes into a song, making notes in different colours, acting scenarios out, connecting your information with other things that help you to remember. Some of these methods may take practice, but they will be worth it in the end.
And remember, if you feel that you’re struggling, always speak to a professor. They can give you new methods of learning, extra study time, and go over topics you struggle with.

I hope this helps,

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