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RPMarauder Era Plot & Overview
Voldemort's rise to power seems inevitable and the future seems bleak, but now that Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs have finished their schooling they can join the fight.
Forum rules: Welcome to Marauder Era! Set in 1979, the magical world is adjusting to a changing political landscape and the rise of a dark wizard. Jump in to one of the roleplaying regions available below, or keep scrolling to browse all of the latest news from the era to learn more about what is going on in the world.
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 #250  by Owl Post
Mail Call: Marauder Era
These owls have been sent using the News, Letters, & Rumors Form. The recipient of each owl is noted in the letter,
and if you receive an owl you may reply to it either by replying to this thread or by submitting to the form.
Mail Call threads are only open for replies until the next day that mail is delivered.

Owls are sorted by recipient, in alphabetical order of the recipient's first name.
To: Edgar Caine
Dear Mr Caine,

Congratulations! You have won a free trip for two to Lisbon, Portugal. Come see such sites as the Lisbon Oceanarium, the National Museum of Ancient Art, and the Belém Tower! All you need to do to claim your reward is send an owl with 50 galleons to confirm your intent to take part in this amazing offer!

Pierre LaPierre
To: Vanya Kuznetsov
*enclosed with the letter is a flattened cap of a Coca-Cola bottle
You do not know of us, but we know of you. Your skills would be of great use to us. If you want to know more, meet the man in the red cap at the train station in Dmitrovsk two weeks from today.