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 #15953  by In The News
The Daily Prophet

Volume M3 Issue #1 ★ 1 September 1977

Ministry Employee Found Murdered

Cathy Sallerina, 83, was found dead outside her home in Wiltshire early last week. Ministry officials are still investigating, but there is strong evidence to suggest foul play was involved. The most obvious clue? A strange smoke signal floating in the sky above her home. Witnesses described it as a skull with a snake coming out of its mouth, and it remained visible even though it was a windy evening.

There have been rumours of a dark wizard seeking followers, and this strange occurrence seems to point towards the rumours holding truth. Who else would use such a gruesome method? The autopsy and spell analysis on Mrs Sallerina suggested she had been tortured with the Cruciatus Curse before finally being subjected to the Killing Curse. Such a horrendous death has not been seen since the days of Grindelwald. Hopefully this is merely a coincidence – otherwise, Britain should hold its breath.

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