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RPMarauder Era Plot & Overview
Voldemort's rise to power seems inevitable and the future seems bleak, but now that Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs have finished their schooling they can join the fight.
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The Daily Prophet
Newt Scamander Awarded
After a lifetime of offering new discoveries, information, and theories on nature in the magical world, Newt Scamander has been awarded The Order of Merlin, Second Class. The Ministry praise his contributions to the Magisoology field, particularly his outstanding publication: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them in 1927. The book has become such a staple in magical society and knowledge, that it can been on the Hogwarts recommended book list for multiple years and has been consistently used in aid of teaching care for magical creatures.

Newt Scamander continues to update his prided works with new information, details, advice, and discoveries. There's no wonder why he was honoured with such a reward! Congratulations!

Inflation to Inflated
Recent studies show that common groceries have increased substantially in price due to inflation. The study outlines that the cost of milk has increased by 10%, making each pint 15 pence! Muggles are desperate for help from their newly appointed Prime Minister, though it appears there are more problems for them.

A group of young wizards were caught for inflating the glass milk bottles left on Muggle doorsteps, turning them into cracking balloons. Hundreds of empty - and full - milk bottles were spotted above the small town of Painswick, Gloucestershire. The perpetrators have been taken into the Ministry's custody for endangering the secrecy of magic, though their identities and charges have been concealed.

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