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 #26101  by In The News
Weekly News Brief
Week of 19 May 1978
The Daily Prophet
Yet Another Mysterious Death

Aurors are reporting another mysterious death in the London area accompanied by the snake and skull symbol. This time, however, the victim was a muggle. Even more strange, a witness was left alive. Reports show that the victim was walking home late at night with her companion, a wizard who managed to apparate away before being targeted.

“I heard someone apparate in front of us and saw the wand, heard whoever it was cast the Killing Curse, and I screamed for [the muggle] to run, but it was too late,” the witness, who remains anonymous for their own safety, said. He is currently under heavy Ministry protection at an undisclosed location. The relationship between the wizard and the muggle remains classified, although it is known that the muggle was not aware of the Wizarding World.

The reason for the attack on the muggle remains unknown, but the Ministry is advising anyone who interacts with a muggle to be careful.

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 #26106  by Barbas Binx
While taking a short break from work, Barbas decided to read the copy of the Prophet he had lying on his desk. As he read the article over a muggle being killed, a small smirk appeared on his face. "Good riddance" he muttered to himself , then finished reading the paper in silence.