Voldemort's rise to power is in full swing as Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs finish their last year at Hogwarts.
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The Daily Prophet

Volume M3 Issue #3 ★ 5 December 1977

Random Inspections To Take Place At Hogwarts

A recent temporary law has been passed with immediate action by current Minister of Magic, Harold Michium, to allow law enforcement officers to visit Hogwarts and inspect both professors and supporting staff. Students have been encouraged to come forward with any suspicious behaviour and submit evaluations of their professors.

Harold Michium has also been reaching out to other schools in other countries, including: France, Romania, and Egypt, to encourage them to follow similar procedures in order to reduce the risk of dark wizards and witches on the premises.

More updates to follow.

Local Quidditch Star Pranked With Exploding Broom Toffees

A local Quidditch player, Eric Warderman, was lured into taking sweets offered to him by a crowd of teenage fans. He states that they praised him on his latest match, in which he played a back up beater for the up-and-coming Newcastle Newts. He states that he felt somewhat mocked by them congratulating how many points her scored, in which he scored zero in the match. He had taken this as light humour, and had accepted the treats in good faith.

However, the sweets he received, although believed to be harmless, were Exploding Broom Toffees, often sold at Zonko's Joke Shop. Within seconds of eating one, Mister Warderman experienced various explosions inside his mouth. He is still trying to find one of four teeth knocked out by the blasts.

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