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The worldwide economy is crumbling as a mysterious dark force is throwing the European magical world into chaos and gangs rule the major cities of North America.
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Weekly News Brief
Week of 2 June 1926
Daily Prophet
Dangerous Wizard At Large
Radical revolutionary Gellert Grindelwald is still at large. Ministry officials from an increasingly long list of nations are working together to locate the terrorist and are doing everything they can to ensure that he is placed behind bars. Members of the public are reminded that association with the ideologies of Grindelwald is illegal, and if he is spotted, to contact the local Ministry immediately. Grindelwald is considered extremely dangerous, ad should not be confronted alone.

Wizarding World Today
New Salemers Continue to Disturb New York
The group calling themselves the New Salem Philanthropic Society caused another public disturbance this week when children associated with the Society infiltrated a public rally to distribute flyers entitled “Witches Live Among Us”. The American Bureau of Magical Affairs is encouraging all witches and wizards in New York City to use extreme caution when interacting with this No-Maj group, as they are already suspicious of the existence of the magical world. The Statute of Secrecy must be upheld.
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