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The worldwide economy is crumbling as a mysterious dark force is throwing the European magical world into chaos and gangs rule the major cities of North America.
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 #499  by In The News
Volume E2 Issue #1 ★ January 3, 1925

Bureau Sends Grave Warning About Suspicious Packages

Wizards, witches, and all magical beings of the nation, troubles are among us. In past weeks, the Department of National Affairs has been made aware of suspicious parcels of unknown origins found squirreled in obscure locations within public venues throughout the nation. Contents vary from no-maj bread dough to magical potions and artefacts protected underneath the Magical Statute of Secrecy. Any citizen found to be involved in planting or distributing these parcels will be arrested for suspicion of unlawful transaction between the magical and no-maj societies, which constitutes a breach of the International Magical Statute of Secrecy. The Department of Secrecy and Security has vowed to seek the maximum punishment for those found responsible.

If you have found a suspicious parcel, please immediately turn it into the Bureau of Magical Affairs. If you have any information about the parcels or those who are behind them, please contact the Bureau by submitting an anonymous note to Owl Postbox #458B.

Dangerous Rise is Gangster Activity

With the shooting and killing of many no-maj gangsters over the last few months, it seems that the magical communities own mobsters have stepped in to take control of the illegal businesses once operated by these non-maj gangsters . We have been told of dealings and meetings happening between the magical Chicago outfit and the no-naj outfit. What the Accorsi's discussed with one of the world's deadliest men alive is unknown, but what we do know is that has been a large increase in bootlegging activity and a spike in magical deaths across the United States.

Rumors that the Chicago Mafia are finally collaborating with the Irish Mob still remain just that, but we have been told by a reliable source that Tussio Accorsi was seen exiting an Irish Speakeasy not three days ago.

Officials within the both the Department of National Affairs and the Department of Secrecy and Security are concerned that this rise in criminal activity has something to with collaboration between the the Irish and the Italians mobs.

International News

Beggars on the Rise

For the time I have lived in Charlbury, and never have I witnessed such an astounding sight! Heaven forbid this is our future in our own King’s lands. For many years, Oxfordshire has been a high influence to our neighbours, and though we are modest in our efforts, we must prevent our standards from decreasing. We are an example to our fellow British men, and by allowing such ludicrousy is simply unacceptable.

Simply a quarter of the hour ago, I witnessed a young boy step out of ‘Rouse Cobbler Services’, the well-esteemed shoemaker on Aylesbury Lane. His hair was matted, muddied face, torn clothing and beady eyes told me one thing. Beggar. The little scoundrel sat on a little stool outside the shop, asking every good fellow who walked by if he could shine their shoes for a farthing or two. The nerve!

It begs the question, my good reader, has our little town surely dropped our standards so low as to employ boys to harass our fine folk on the street? Now, inviting them into our homes to sweep the chimneys is one thing, but to approach us out in the open, during the day with no prior warning or even a handkerchief available to withhold contact? It is simply madness.

I expect better for Charlbury, and most certainly for the businesses on Aylesbury Lane.


Roommate wanted. No cats. Must be okay with blackout curtains.
Occult Records
A Dream Upon a Twilight
New Artists’ Auditions

Ever been told you have the voice of a siren underwater? Ever imagine your voice blasting the next hit song of the decade from the Wizarding Wireless? Occult Records is searching for new talent and is giving you the opportunity to dance with the stars. Come show us your voice and we will do the rest. Auditionees must be of age 17+, musically competent, and show us a true hip to the jive personality. The open audition will be held on:
Friday 12 January 1924
Occult Records, Studio A
Falconfyre Way, New York City
9am - 3pm

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