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The worldwide economy is crumbling as a mysterious dark force is throwing the European magical world into chaos and gangs rule the major cities of North America.
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 #23388  by In The News
Volume E4 Issue #2 ★ March 10th, 1926

Vinda Rosier Spotted In America!

French Aristocrat, Vinda Rosier, has been spotted arriving in America - though the reason is unknown. Some speculate that she is there on political business to spread good word about her magical heritage and the advantages. Others state that it is merely a trip for pleasure due to her appearance in a New York City nightclub.

Other witnesses are yet to share their viewings. However, many elite and pureblood magical folk have made their happiness of her arrival very evident, keen to see how she will influence the American public.

Manager of Merlin's Nightclub, Harriet Doran does it again!

Recently, a fight was seen outside of Merlin's Nightclub, yet somehow, Harriet Doran organised such a great set up, that the crowd soon dispersed and decided to spend their time in the nightclub instead. Stage Manager, Daphne Koenig, put on a marvellous show as entertainment, keeping all the new patrons inside and away from harm.

Once again, another five star night from the dynamic duo of Merlin's Nightclub.

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