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The worldwide economy is crumbling as a mysterious dark force is throwing the European magical world into chaos and gangs rule the major cities of North America.
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 #21513  by In The News
Volume E4 Issue #1 ★ January 20, 1926

Saucy Ceres Disqualified For Foul Play

Recently, the up and coming racing Thestral, Saucy Ceres, took the crowds by storm with her second-to-none speed and endurance. She and her rider were so successful that they received high honours from racing critics and fans, even winning three out of four races in the past two months.

Unfortunately, after investigation, Saucy Ceres was found with unauthorised food in her stall. People speculate that this food was used to help give her a magical boost whilst racing, whereas fans are denying the claims.Ceres’ owner, Cassiopeia Butterwood has yet to comment on the matter.

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 #21757  by Septimus Silvester
"Oh come on!" Sep couldn't help but exclaim. It was only after his outburst that he remembered where he was. Glancing up and around the empty club, Septimus made sure his boss was no where to be seen. The club was due to open soon, it wouldn't do to be chewed out before the night even started. But he couldn't help it. He'd been betting on Ceres the past few races. Now that the news had broken, his bookey would likely be after him for the winnings. Thank Merlin he hadn't spent them yet. It might be better to lay low for a few days. If only Harriet would let him take a couple days off. That wasn't likely, though. Oh well. Hopefully the bookey would forget about him.