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The worldwide economy is crumbling as a mysterious dark force is throwing the European magical world into chaos and gangs rule the major cities of North America.
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 #18680  by In The News
Volume E3 Issue #2 ★ October 01, 1925

No-Maj Drinks Felix Felicis With Belief It Was Prohibited Alcohol

Mr Rupert Dyson recently received an unexpected packaged marked with a brief letter, 'As requested, from a friend'. He believed this to be a joke from a work colleague that he recently discussed the prohibition act with, and after seeing the draught in a bottle, decided to have it on the rocks with a cigar.

The potion was so strong, that for three days, Mr Dyson received incredible luck, including winning the lottery twice, earning a promotion, and incidentally becoming partially famous for his family's apple pie recipe. Mr Dyson is currently under the impression that he only needed a shot of alcohol to make all his dreams come true, and is currently on vacation in Jamaica to celebrate his wins.

Obliviators have been contacted about the incident, but state that he is in no danger of revealing magic as he is convinced it was due to his own incredible abilities.

The Bureau of Magical Affairs is continuing their investigation on the mysterious parcels being delivered to no-maj homes.

Jazz Production Entices Crowd at Merlin's Nightclub
RATED ★★★★★

Critically acclaimed stage manager Daphne Koenig has been recognised for incredible organisation, line-up, and excellent talents presented at Merlin's Nightclub. Classic jazz with a live band was played throughout the night, and entertainers were sought after by the crowds and viewers. Acts were cooed and begged for encores throughout the night, and were later seen socialising with the public.

One attendee of the nightclub said this, 'Miss Koenig really out-did herself this time! Best night I've had in years!', another stated that she would be bringing her husband along every Saturday evening to enjoy the wonderful singing talents.

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